Seawell Fish ‘n Oyster’s menu as nice as location

Tucked neatly to the side of the main entrance to the Kimpton Angler’s Hotel on Sixth and Washington Ave. on Miami Beach, Seawell Fish ‘n Oyster’s subtle nautical theme and soft lighting are as inviting as any interior gets. Plus, this is also the home of the cool Minnow Bar, a not to be missed spot.

The menu my husband and I had for dinner was specially prepared by Executive Chef Julian Garriga whose resume includes working for Michelle Bernstein at Michy’s and Sra. Martinez plus time at Area 31 and Macchialina.

At Seawell, the menu is spectacular and truly shows his culinary prowess. Here’s what we had:

Lovely gin cocktail to start off dinner and the adorable tackle box that’s at every table to greet diners, such a nice touch.
Monkey bread

Soft, pillowy bread topped with a variety of seeds was memorable, to say the least (still haven’t forgotten it!) with a dab of the butter, perfection.


Fresh and baked to perfection, the ham, herbs and parmesan were buttery and decadent with a squeeze of lemon over the top, believe me when I say you’ll want to order one dozen after another.

Crabby patty

Love the play on the Spongebob reference for the name and the crisp green apple, citrus vinaigrette and delicate but hearty watercress went great with this hearty crab cake absolutely loaded with crab.


Although I’m not a fan of raisins and the flavors were a bit tart, the combination was interesting and the squash was delicious.

Fish and chips

Light and crispy fried delicate fish with a tasty malt vinegar sauce for dipping, crunchy slaw and nice heaping serving of fries. Were we back in Ireland? Because they reminded me of the ones we had there when we visited they were so good.

Shellfish pot

And just like that, it’s as if we’d been transported to New England. This pot had it all, loads of shellfish, sweet corn, tender smoked sausage and potatoes to fill any carb craving.

Whoopie pie Alaska

The final sweet treat to end an epic meal, a moist whoopie pie covered in meringue and sitting on a sugary, sweet caramel sauce.

Like what you see? Here’s where you can have all this and more…

Seawell Fish ‘n Oyster at Kimpton Angler’s Hotel, 660 Washington Ave., Miami Beach 786.594.5820

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