Nostalgic vibe and great Cuban eats at Havana 1957

Walking into this Lincoln Road restaurant, you’ll encounter walls filled with nostalgic scenes from Havana Cuba circa 1950’s and music from that era as well. The inside seating is minimal, with no more than 30 seats and there’s outdoor seating too but being Cuban-American, I loved sitting inside and taking in that atmosphere.

Sangrias to start off our meal.

My husband loved the ambiance as well and we both absolutely loved the food and a few tips, order the sangrias they’re great on a hot summer day or any other day really and, come hungry or be prepared to take home leftovers that will last a few days. Ours sure did.

Here’s what we had…

Croquetas with a creamy dipping sauce

Croquetas are a must for me if I’m dining at a Cuban place so I went for the sampler appetizer. It included a variety of ham, chicken and cheese croquettes and all of them were very good. I also wanted to try the stuffed green plantains (tostones rellenos) which I love. They come filled with choice of picadillo, shrimp or tasajo. Will definitely try those next time.

Roasted pork
Yuca smothered in those amazing onions

I really had a tough time deciding between a sandwich, because the media noche is my favorite, or a full entree and that afternoon the lechon asado (slow oven roasted pork) with mojo, served with moro rice and yuca was calling my name. I was certainly pleased with my choice and took a lot of it home and enjoyed it for a few days. As I said, their portions are abundant. The crispy piece of chicharron atop the pork was a nice touch and those onions were perfection.

Chicken fricase

My husband ordered the chicken fricase, marinated chicken stewed in criolla sauce with raisins, olives and potato served with white rice and sweet plantains. I tried a little and it was also great (although my Mom’s was always my favorite) but this one was very good. We also took some of that home.

There are plenty of great desserts but we were just too full and their coffees are also on point, my husband had a cortadito and enjoyed it.

Know too that there are other Havana 1957 locations, two on Ocean Drive, one on quaint Española Way and one in Pembroke Pines giving you no excuse but to go and check this place out.

Havana 1957, 819 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach 305.397.8683

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