Getting slimed took me back to the 90s

Seems like the latest trend are these pop-up entertainment/attraction traveling events that keep making their way to Miami. I never made it to the Museum of Ice Cream in Wynwood to jump around in pastel-colored installations and have yet to check out Candytopia in Aventura Mall (billed as an interactive candy wonderland) or the Museum of Illusions on Miami Beach with interactive, immersive trickery.

However, I did make it to Slime City which runs through Nov. 20 and is also at Aventura Mall. I liked the idea of reminiscing about the coolness of Nickelodeon in the 90s and early 2000s. Plus, my daughter had always dreamed of getting slimed so I had to take her. Only down side, they make you wear a poncho to get slimed! (My daughter was a bit bummed about that).

Basically, you purchase your tickets and then are sent through a series of rooms before actually getting slimed.

Touching the gooey green stuff
The first room where you can touch the slime.

In the first room, where you get to touch they slime they trick you into thinking you’re actually going to GET slimed…you don’t.

Bean bag room

Then you go into another area where there are plenty of interactive games and you can lounge on giant bean bags.

Next up is the black light room where you get to write on the walls with day glo colored markers (didn’t get a photo of this unfortunately).

Us getting slimed!

Finally, you arrive at the waiting area where you’re asked to remove your shoes (you’ll feel sort of like you’re in the TSA line at the airport), don your poncho and proceed to your spot among a few others and the countdown to the slime begins. Poncho or not, it’s still fun to feel the green goo dropping on your head and dripping down the poncho and definitely a little on your hands and feet. Relax, the stuff isn’t even sticky and they automatically give you a clean towel to wipe it all off.

Elizabeth posing with a slimed DJ Khaled.
Slime-making room

Pay a little extra and you can go to an area and make your own slime to take home. There are also photo ops with the orange Nickelodeon blimp award from the Kids’ Choice Awards and a photo wall of celebrities getting slimed at said awards.

Arnold from the popular show “Hey Arnold”, better known as “Football Head!”
Nickelodeon character wall

Then, when you ride the escalator to depart Slime City, you’re greeted with colorful walls featuring characters from Nickelodeon shows of that era. Arnold from “Hey Arnold,” one of my favorites, along with Spongebob adorn the wall, along with several others.

It’s a fun experience but make sure to find some kind of Groupon or other type of coupon to save on admission.

Slime City is at Aventura Mall, 19501 Biscayne Blvd., Upper Level near Zara and you can also enter by the outdoor slide.

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