Get lucky with delectable Asian eats at this Wynwood food hall

With a kitschy name like 1-800-Lucky, there’s no doubt the new Asian food hall in Wynwood is where to go for a good time. With the food hall craze being all the rage at the moment, 1-800-Lucky quietly opened in the hipster neighborhood when all the other food halls around Miami were stealing the limelight.

Their opening may have been a bit more under the radar but when I received a unicorn floaty in the mail with the words Taiyaki NYC on the side and a red Chinese take out box with all sorts of goodies inside, I knew something cool was up.

I love the look and feel of this place. Simple decor but with a unique look and feel. It’s fun to sit at a table and be surrounded by so many food choices or outside on the patio under the string lights.




But enough about decor, let’s get to the food, because there’s lots of it to be had. Poke, ramen, sushi, bahn mi, dumplings, they truly have it all here!

Here’s just a sampling of what my husband and I tried:

Meatball bahn mi from Les Bahn Amis

Salmon bahn mi, also from Les Bahn Amis

Ramen from Hayato Miami

Salmon poke from Poke OG

Honey-glazed char siu pork ribs from Lotus + Cleaver

Stir-fried greens also from Lotus + Cleaver

Shrimp dumpling from Yip

And no, I didn’t forget about Taiyaki, they’ve got a stand outside on the patio where they’re serving up all kinds of interesting ice cream flavors in fish-shaped cones.

Now if that’s not enough to whet your appetite I don’t know what is. The fact that this place is in the heart of Wynwood and has a cool record store/grocery store you walk through when you first enter are just added bonuses.

1-800-Lucky, 143 NW 23 St., (305) 768-9826

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