Finally got to try Pisco y Nazca

My husband had been for several happy hour outings with co-workers and I know several other people who raved about it so it was great to finally experience Pisco y Nazca for myself.

They recently debuted their Spring menu and it was nice to try some of the items they’re offering. I visited the Doral location which is located in the cute Main Street section of the city’s Downtown area.

Proper Rum & Coke at Pisco y Nazca

My friend Flavia and I started off with a couple of cocktails. She ordered the most well known and popular Peruvian drink the Pisco Sour while I chose the Proper Rum & Coke, an ode to my Cuban heritage I guess. The Proper is served in a large goblet and prepared with Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva rum, coke, cherry and chocolate bitters and a cinnamon stick. Sweet and delicious.

Because we wanted to sample a few different items off the new Spring menu we decided on two appetizers and one entree. Wise choice since the entrees are rather substantial.

Causa de pollo

Causa de pollo is a very traditional Peruvian dish so ordering it was a no brainer. The yellow whipped potatoes are formed into a thick disk then topped with chicken salad, red pepper confit and avocado with mayonesa (mayonnaise) acevichada dotted around the plate. Best thing to do here is make sure to run your fork through each layer, it’s the only way to get a perfect bite.

Hongos acevichados

Ceviche might as well be called the National Dish of Peru and they have an array of options at Pisco. But on the Spring menu, the mushroom ceviche, which they call Hongos Acevichados, made for an interesting choice. It’s a combination of oyster, brown beech and maitake mushrooms mixed with avocado rocoto cream, classic leche de tigre (tiger’s milk) and sweet potato and topped with quinoa. The latter ingredient, like the mushrooms, is a unique addition and makes this a non-traditional ceviche worth trying.

Tallarin saltado at Pisco

We also decided on something lesser known, the Tallarin Saltado for the entree, a take on the lomo saltado which is a Peruvian favorite. It consisted of chicken stir-fry, soy sauce, onions, tomato, ginger and linguine. It had a tangy bite and was very satisfying.

We didn’t save enough room for dessert, but they’ve got some great ones so when you go, don’t make the mistake we did and save room.

Pisco y Nazca, 8851 NW 53 St., Doral, 786.805.4344


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