Eleanor Hoh the Wok Star rocks cooking classes

I’ve become chummy with Eleanor Hoh, the one and only Wok Star given that she and I run in the same circles. We are always seeing each other at monthly events like Creative Mornings and at other spots around Miami.

She’s invited me to attend one of her Wok Star cooking classes several times and I finally was able to say yes. I loved that it was in a showroom in the Design District, a convenient drive for me.

Colorful vegetables ready to be chopped for a delicious dish

I was excited to learn from her about her healthy cooking practices and simple techniques to create delicious wok-based dishes. Plus, she’s a lot of fun and full of energy.

As we all gathered around her cooking space, we prepared to learn from the Wok Star master herself. Her easy demeanor and minimal use of ingredients made the class a breeze to follow. Her no-recipe-needed approach means anyone can create these dishes in no time at all.

Eleanor, teaching and cooking

We watched as Eleanor took us through her various tips to making perfect, fresh meals. The right tools are essential including the right wok one that’s lightweight, thin walled, round bottom cast iron that’s properly seasoned with a stainless steel lid. A wok should last a lifetime if it’s properly treated. A good wok spatula with sturdy handle is also essential.

Lettuce wrap ingredients

Watching Eleanor make our first dish, delicious lettuce wraps with the highest grade ground beef and rainbow colored vegetables gave all of us in the class confidence when it was our turn at the wok.

She made it so easy, with step by step instructions so our second dish, an entree with rice, shrimp, more gorgeous vegetables and crunchy peanuts was perfectly executed.

Me cooking away at the Wok Star class

I loved learning about her easy and use-for-everything blend she calls TSPC, a blend of tamari, sherry, white pepper and cornstarch. The four seasonings provide all the flavoring for her dishes and they’re fantastic. Tamari I learned is a Japanese sauce made of fermented beans like soy sauce but doesn’t contain wheat which traditional soy sauce does.

Seeing vegetables cut a different way than I normally do at home, like rings of mini peppers instead of the traditional slicing/julienne and cutting the scallions/spring onions on the bias which makes them much prettier, was a refreshing discovery.

Take a look at the pictures throughout and I dare you to tell me you’re not getting hungry. Eleanor is a true “Wok Star” and her classes are fun, educational and most of all very easy.

Visit her website to learn more about her and the classes and where you can sign up.

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