Cancun Grill’s all about Mexican authenticity…menu & decor…at new Doral location

I’d never been to Cancun Grill because their anchor location is in Miami Lakes and that’s just not an area I frequent. But I’m not turning down an invitation to try Mexican food and I’m so glad I said yes.

I got to experience their new Doral location, on the ground floor level of a new residential complex in Miami-Dade’s bustling western city that just keeps expanding. The covered parking lot (wonderful for keeping the car cool on a hot summer day) was convenient to the restaurant entrance.

Upon entering, I was surprised at the large space and also couldn’t take my eyes off the murals and overall decor. It was immediately obvious they carefully curated the authentic Mexican cuisine as well as the restaurant’s interior.



While I enjoyed a cold Modelo and my sister a Michelada, both of which went great with colorful chips and zippy salsa, Chef Gustavo Zepeda took time from his busy kitchen to discuss the dishes and the Mexican art. He told us how they commissioned a Mexican artist and flew her to Miami to create the mural and meticulously purchased pottery, dishes and other pieces directly from Mexico to display throughout the restaurant.

Queso fundido

When it came to ordering our food, we decided on a few appetizers and the portions were so substantial, we were truly fine with those choices.

Warm tortillas for dipping in queso fundido

We decided on the queso fundido traditional melted Oaxaca cheese (who could go wrong with that?) topped  with grilled onions, mushrooms and poblano peppers and warm tortillas for dipping into the rich, melty goodness. Of course, those tortillas are made fresh in the open kitchen, something they’re immensely proud of and makes them oh so delicious.

Guacamole topped with ribeye

The other choice wasn’t difficult at all, guacamole in a giant molcajete topped with…wait for it…ribeye? Seriously? Oh I’m serious and that ribeye was tender and juicy, probably because Chef Zepeda worked for several years at a steakhouse in his native Mexico. No mistaking I would order this again in a heartbeat.

As a finale we were treated not to dessert, but to a chef’s specialty item, Chef Zepeda’s Mexican pizza. He uses both traditional corn tortilla and blue corn tortilla then tops it with that succulent ribeye, cotija cheese, crema, tomato wedges, red onions, cilantro and melted cheese. And that was followed by…a shot of premium tequila. Bottoms up!

Did we eat all of this while there? Absolutely not, plenty of leftovers were enjoyed at home.

Cancun Grill, 7835 NW 107 Ave., Ste. #3-01, Doral, 305.307.7003

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