Who needs a name when your food’s this good?

That’s the perfect headline for No Name Chinese restaurant in South Miami where their brunch menu is so on point truthfully, it’s going to take you a while to order. Not because you’re indecisive but because the selection is so amazing, you’ll want to have it all.

Definitely start with the sake sangria, filled with plenty of fruit that soaks up the alcohol.

That cocktail’s the perfect start to a menu by Executive Chef Pablo Zitzmann and Chef de Cuisine Paola Enamorado that packs a wallop of flavor into the dishes served during Dim Sumday’s brunch (see what they did there?) No wonder the hashtag for brunch is #dopechinesefood, it’s what it is. I recently had a sampling of eight brunch items.

Now take a deep breath before you read on and prepare for the onslaught of delicious descriptions starting with an ice cold scallop crudo with cucumber water, sea beans, poppy seeds, Thai basil, fleur de sel and sake gelee. Delicate, light and with sea beans. Yes, they’re a thing and quite tasty.

That was followed by one of my favorite dishes of the afternoon, the turnip cake hash prepared Okonomiyaki style with sweet soy, kewpie mayo, bonito flakes, chives, lap cheong, shiitake and bamboo shoots.

Prepared differently than I’m accustomed to were the pan roasted bao buns with brisket broth and chives, served French dip style. The bit of char on the outside gave them a smokey consistency.

The Szechuan potatoes with labneh, cilantro and peanuts were tender and crunchy in the same bite. These were at the top of the list for me too.

Mr. Lee’s Jiaozi with smokey ponzu, salted cucumbers and chives was so good it made me a cucumber convert. The pork shoulder dumplings and smokey oil absolutely made the dish.

We couldn’t have a Chinese meal without fried rice and their Crab Chao Fan version with Thai basil, green peppercorns and crunchy shallots was the most unique version of this Asian staple I’ve ever had.

The fact that we got dumplings twice this day made me smile from ear to ear. I wasn’t at all angry about indulging in their Angry Dumplings, filled with ground chicken and topped with chili oil, crunchy and spicy garlic dressing, orange zest and chives. They had a bit of a kick to them but that was totally fine with me.

Perhaps it was no accident that following those what the creamy, dreamy dessert of Hong Kong style malasadas (doughnuts) with peanut butter crumble and milk iced tea gelato. It cooled off the palate after the spicy dumplings.

You can find this unassuming eatery in the heart of downtown South Miami. You’re headed there right now aren’t you?

No Name Chinese, 7500 SW 57 Ct., South Miami, 786.577.0734

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