Upland’s pizza and cocktails make a great pair

Often in this blog I’ve talked about my love for Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbor neighborhood but I also love the vibe that’s South of Fifth Street. That’s probably why I loved getting to finally dine at Upland, a lovely restaurant I’d been wanting to try for some time.

Known for serving up a great brunch, turns out the pizzas on that menu are quite fabulous and make a great accompaniment to their stellar cocktails. Chef Justin Smillie’s four pies feature a variety of delicious toppings, and I tried three of them recently, along with an appetizer and dessert.

There’s the…

Traditional Margherita with fresh stracciatella, tomatoes and basil, a classic you can’t go wrong with. The stracciatella put this one over the top.

Sausage and kale which was complemented with young pecorino, stracciatella and a pistachio pesto. Loved the pistachio pesto, what a cool twist on the traditional.

One with the funkiest name the Green Zebra, a pie topped with fromage blanc, stracciatella, herbs and garlic oil. I think this was my favorite but not really sure, they were all so good.

Also got to sample the meatballs, oh the meatballs. So tender and delicious I should’ve taken some to go!

It all ended with a beautiful individual key lime dessert which was a delectable treat. It was topped with charred rose meringue and tropical fruit. Almost too beautiful to eat. I said almost.

I couldn’t leave you without recommending a cocktail. If you go, try all these wonderful dishes and when you’re asked “what would you like to drink” respond with “Blackberry Smash.” It’s a refreshing blend of Bacardi rum, blackberry and Espelette compote and lemon. You’ll thank me.

Upland, 49 Collins Ave., Miami Beach 305.602.9998

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