The positives of Facebook

I’ll admit, I’m a bit addicted, actually quite addicted to Facebook and that may seem like a bad thing but really it’s not. Sure, oftentimes the status updates are unnecessary and mere attempts at having some sympathy thrown our way, stirring up a debate or telling our hundreds of FB friends every little detail of our lives.

Other times though, communication on this social platform can be incredibly uplifting. Take for example a recent post shared by one of my friends about the incredible accomplishments of artist Stephen Wiltshire. His drawings of buildings around his native London and from around the world are nothing short of fabulous. The fact that this misunderstood individual, who was born mute and later diagnosed with autism can memorize, in such incredible detail, can only be accomplished by an incredibly passionate person.

His gallery in London features his panomaric drawings of iconic images in the world’s most metropolitan cities including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Dubai, Rome, Jerusalem, Madrid and New York. His most recent piece is an aerial view of the Athlete’s Village at the 2012 London Olympics.

Click here to check out his website. Read his amazing story and look closely at his detailed drawings and then tell me you too, aren’t inspired by this incredible person.

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