Superfine! Art Fair a great addition to Art Basel madness

Every year I look forward to December. No, not because it’s my birthday and sure for our great weather but more than anything for Art Basel. But each year it seems as if there are just more and more events and every event planner and club promoter is trying to glom on to the action.

That makes it difficult to create a plan of attack to minimize the FOMO effect. Surprisingly, this year I discovered an eclectic art fair that was unique in that the artwork was not outrageously expensive. In fact, it was downright affordable and that was a definite draw.


The Superfine! Art Fair was hosted in Wynwood in a non-descript warehouse and the set up was fantastic. It was intimate and allowed for browsers like myself to get to talk to the artists whose art was on display. Looking around and almost gasping at the great prices, I got more and more excited.

Artist Nicole Havekost at Superfine!

First, I got to chat with Minnesota-based artist Nicole Havekost whose work I was immediately drawn to. Her whimsical pieces, especially the small dolls that have measuring spoons and cups, whisks, scissors, wooden spoons and other items for arms, legs and bodies are adorable. And her animal figures like the small elephant, giraffe, bird, pig and kangaroo are just as cute. Nicole seemed so pleased to be part of the Fair and really was a great conversationalist.

Then I headed outside where the live art was happening but this wasn’t just drawing or painting. Artist Alex Kuhn was hard at work, practicing the art of Pyrography or burning wood. He was using heated metal and flame to burn an image of a leopard onto wood. It was fascinating to watch him work on this huge piece of wood with precise handling of his tool and see the animal come to life right before your eyes. I asked him several questions as I watched and he was engaging all the while, never losing track of the art he was creating.

Artist Alex Kuhn creating live art during Superfine!

There were plenty of great Miami artists represented that evening. Artist duo Nice ‘N Easy, better known as Jeffrey Noble and Alison Matherly drew people in with their installation that was part seating lounge and part picnic. Local photographer David Gary Lloyd and artists from the Laundromat Art Space in Little Haiti was also part of the fair.

The Superfine Art Fair offices are at 451 W 14 St. in Miami and they’ve got plenty planned for this year. Check them out!

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