So Much Better Than The Drive Thru, Quicker Than A Leisurely Lunch

Sometimes sitting down to a full restaurant lunch just isn’t an option but zipping through the drive thru, well, it isn’t great either. That’s when I love to pop in to a casual bakery or good semi-gourmet eatery where they’ve always got savory as well as sweet goods. Living in Miami these types of places are everywhere and there are more than just nibbling sandwiches in here, they’ve always got a great selection of hot meals that change daily. These places are a great option to the whole sit down two-hour lunch.

I’ve got two favorites around Miami and this by no means is a comprehensive list, just want to share two that I really like and have been frequenting for some time.

First I must mention Karlo Bakery on Coral Way, Miami’s historic street that’s always been a favorite of mine. Coral Way is home to many great small, independent restaurants as well as bakeries and other specialty shops and for me, Karlo is a must stop whenever I’m driving along there.

I won’t sugarcoat it, their cakes and sweets are a bit on the pricey side and some, but not all, of their sandwiches can be too but there are many other options that I love for a light lunch on the go or for eating in. My favorites are the smaller sandwiches on baguette, small rolls or croissants even. I’m partial to anything with chorizo (cured Spanish sausage) or prosciutto and cheese, especially swiss and they’ve got those as choices and their turkey is really fresh too. As for their tortillas the presentation is amazing, the way they layer them with toppings or make them into sandwiches. Spanish tortillas are made of egg (lots of them), very dense, oftentimes two-inch thick and filled with spinach, chorizo, shrimp, red pimento or traditional with potatoes.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to try any of their incredible bakery items either, some of their chocolate concoctions that are perfect for one are an unforgettable eating experience.

The other place I like is La Estancia Argentina in the northernmost city of Miami-Dade County, Aventura. The name says it all, here they specialize in South American favorites, especially Argentinian ones, go figure.

This is a gourmet market with an incredible wine selection but I want to talk about their great specials that are actually quite affordable. Argentinian empanadas are doughy, more like a pizza dough but better and stuffed with meat, chicken, spinach and lots of other great things. They make a great little appetizer to start off a meal of traditional Argentinian meat prepared on the grill and delicious rice selections to go along. They’ve also got fresh grilled vegetables to choose from and it’s great because you can get as much or as little as you like. Just go up to the counter and choose your plate, the cost is entirely up to you.

Karlo Bakery
1242 Coral Way
Miami, FL

La Estancia Argentina
17870 Biscayne Blvd.
Aventura, FL

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