See in a New Light: Landfill Trash Becomes Chic Watts to Creative Designers

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is a motto taken to heart by the creators of Chic Watts lighting. The four-member team that makes up the company were students at Pratt Seattle and followers of renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly.

Born out of a need to create unique lighting for a project on Whidbey Island in Washington founders Jackie and Uri, after much searching decided to make their own creations. That great into a series of lights and furniture that became the beach house’s centerpieces.

Word of mouth spread about their unique pieces and soon they found themselves commissioned to create them for friends and acquaintances. Having an original creation in their homes was a driving force for the orders.

That’s because the pieces are created from discarded wine and spirits bottles as well as metal pipes and premium hardwood. The eye-catching metal and glass sculptural lights harken back to another era and serve both to illuminate and to be visually appealing. Almost like artwork hanging from the ceiling.

Because of their “Mother Nature meets Steampunk Design” description, the pieces which pay tribute to America’s industrial history, were named a finalist in the Martha Stewart Made in America competition.

The collection is extensive and includes a variety of styles and designs.

–       Custom made wine barrel vanity

–       Three shade wall light, an etched three light wall sconce made with pipes fitted with three inverted bottles, there are several styles

–       Blue gate valve wall sconce with two aqua-tint blue bottles inverted onto a blue gate valve pipe

–       Chandelier large geometric lamp with eight bulbs, with eight Edison light bulbs fitted onto a pipe fixture that can be custom painted in silver, black bronze and other colors and is ideal for a bar

–       Wall Sconce Stripped featuring an etched wine bottle fit into a pressure gauge that can be made with a blue, green or brown bottle and is considered a conversation starter

Those are just a few examples of their extensive collection of lights they can create. They also incorporate beer mugs into their chandeliers, which are ideal for lighting above a pool table in a recreation room. There are also designs where they create coverings made of metal or other material to cover the bulb but allow light to shine through. This creates an entirely different look than when the bulbs are exposed and in full view.

The eco-friendly lights are available for shipping throughout the United States. Check out the entire collection at or on their Facebook page

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