Sampled a trio of Lincoln Eatery’s 16 concepts

Sampling just a trio of the 16 fast-casual, artisan and grab & go concepts at Lincoln Eatery was just a tip of the iceberg and what a nice tip it was! It’s set just off Lincoln Road, behind the Lincoln Road garage off 17 St.

Recently I was there to sample items from TYO Sushi, Marble & Rye and Chill-N. The abundance of sushi variety, deli sandwiches and selection of nitrogen ice cream was impressive.

Let’s start with TYO Sushi where the colorful, fresh sampler platter of sushi (all kosher by the way) was a feast for both the eyes and the stomach. I mean just look at the photo. We had tuna, salmon, cucumber, caviar and avocado, to name just a few of the toppings and fillings. The cucumber roll even had shiitake and sake. No lack of variety here. It’s a definite must try.

Switching gears to “quality Kosher old world deli staples with a contemporary twist,” at Marble & Rye again, there was plenty to try. We had corned beef on rye, pastrami on marble rye and short rib on ciabatta. The freshness of the meats and breads was undeniable. Classic flavors made with lots of care by owners Jonathan and Stuart Morginstin and Arthur Friedman.

We then headed over to Chill N for some nitrogen ice cream. Watching them prepare my concoction right before my eyes and deciding what toppings to put on was fun and the end result, delicious and refreshing.

I repeate, these are just three of the concepts so I encourage you to visit Lincoln Eatery and choose for yourself. Try thai specialties from Cake Thai or Japanese Gaijin by Cake, gluten-free vegetarian options from Fresh Garden Bowls, food made with locally sourced ingredients from Necessary Purveyor and juicy burgers from The Crafted Burger. I could go on but go check it out and you decide what you want. I warn you, it won’t be easy.

Lincoln Eatery, 723 N. Lincoln Ln., Miami Beach

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