Pubbelly Sushi debuts revamped menu

There’s a reason Chef Jose Mendin has been nominated for a James Beard Award five times and can manage a restaurant empire without batting an eye. It’s his passion for coming up with exceptional menu items that keeps him at the top of his game and he came up with 15 new ones at his seven-year-old Pubbelly Sushi in Sunset Harbour on Miami Beach.

Chef Jose Mendin

Mendin was on hand, overseeing all the dishes we were set to sample at his recent unveiling of the menu revamp. It was a great atmosphere (who would expect less) with detailed explanations of everything we tried. Each dish was better than the one before. Now take a deep breath because this was a feast for the ages. All came out family style so it was great to watch everyone’s reaction as we tasted and enjoyed every last morsel.

Crispy hamachi

PB Beef Tartare

First off were the “snacks” a crispy hamachi with yellowtail sashimi, potato, sesame and yuzy soy followed by PB Beef Tartare made with striploin, quail egg, apple, capers, garlic, shallots and yuzu dijonnaise. Fresh, tender, melt in your mouth, crisp, briny and rich. Achieving all those descriptions in just two small dishes? Genius, and it gets even better.

Salmon lemongrass

Wagyu tataki

We then moved on to the sashimi section sampling salmon lemongrass with salmon sashimi, baby heirloom, pearl onion, red pepper, hazelnut, garlic and lemongrass dressing followed by Wagyu tataki with the tenderest Wagyu beef, tofu cream, olive oil, sesame seeds, chives and black garlic soy. So much goodness going on in both these dishes.

I Love Salmon
Korean BBQ
Sake Aburi

What would a dinner at Pubbelly Sushi be without well, sushi. The I Love Salmon with onion, chives, sesame seeds and wasabi oil; Korean BBQ with striploin, enoki, nashi pear and gochujang barbecue sauce followed by the Sake Aburi with seared salmon, kanikama, masago, schichimi and yuzu truffle were a true delight.

All the sashimis

Nigiris were next, with an assortment ranging from Tuna Crispy Miso to Shiromi & Foie, followed by Wagyu chimichurri (what better to go with the best cut of beef than the tasty sauce that’s so popular in Latin cuisine) and ending with Salmon Schichimi.

Lobster dynamite

Two robata dishes were next including an earthy Wild Mushroom Toban with mixed mushrooms, garlic, chives, coconut milk and soy, a wild combination that was a true winner and the Lobster Dynamite, a showstopper with lobster, kanikama, masago, scallions, butter and spicy mayo.

Miso bread pudding 2.0

As if there were any room left for more, we finished off with two desserts that matched up perfectly with the creative menu we were served. Are you ready? We had Tea-ramisu (yes, it’s a play on words) with Chai tea lady fingers, matcha textures and goma soft serve followed by Miso Bread Pudding 2.0 with chocolate miso custard and brioche topped with a sesame brittle. Told you it was creative.

Overhauling a menu is no easy task but for Chef Mendin and his fantastic staff at Pubbelly Sushi, they made it look easy. Go to Sunset Harbour and give the new menu a try. And while you’re at it, try some of the his other Pubbelly spots in his ever-growing restaurant empire.

Pubbelly Sushi, 1424 20 St., Miami Beach, (305) 531-9282

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