Oysters at the Red The Steakhouse? Shucks yeah

What a surprise to arrive at a steakhouse and be presented with oysters for shucking. It was an interesting twist but a welcome one, especially given that there was a fun lesson about oysters and the different varieties being presented that evening.

Chef Peter Vauthy Red The Steakhouse demonstrating the art of oyster shucking.

That’s what happened at Red The Steakhouse where dinner consisted of shucking oysters from both the east and west coast, with plenty of guidance from Chef Peter Vauthy and a sampling of a nice variety of appetizers from their menu.

West coast oysters on the left, east coast on the right.

The experience of shucking oysters was quite eye-opening, the pros make it look easy, some holding records on how many they’ve shucked in an allotted amount of time. One thing I know, I’m no expert at shucking, but it sure was fun. There was a great sense of accomplishment once those suckers popped open. Getting to eat them was the reward.

Oysters from that evening, plan, Rockefeller and New Orleans style, and the shrimp.

We also sampled several items on their menu including their New Orleans style oysters which are broiled and served with red hot, garlic and parmesan cheese and the traditional oysters Rockefeller served crispy and topped with creamed spinach.

Creamy, cheesy lobster mac n cheese.

The lobster mac ‘n cheese was decadently cheesy and filled with tender, fresh lobster meat and the succulent sauteed shrimp with lemon were plump and juicy.

Dessert variety

To put the finishing touch on the meal key lime pie, coconut cream pie and mini doughnuts with a selection of raspberry, chocolate and caramel sauces for dipping were the choices.

My shucked oyster…success!

If you get the chance, take advantage of Miami Spice before it ends Oct. 31 and give this place a try.

Red the Steakhouse, 119 Washington Ave., Miami Beach 305.534.3688 http://www.redthesteakhouse.com/



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