New offerings at Tap 42

With a name like Tap 42, craft beers on tap immediately comes to mind. Sure, this is a great place to get your local craft beer fix all in one place. Specialties from J Wakefield, Wynwood Brewing, Concrete Beach, MIA Brewing and others are all available here, along with plenty more. But while you’re busy deciding what beer to order, give the menu a look see. Especially now that they’ve got several new offerings.

Snapper at Tap 42 is a new menu item.

If you want to keep lunch light opt for the simply grilled gulf snapper. The name says it all, and it’s served with a lemon wedge, tartar sauce and large slices of rich, red vine-ripened tomatoes.

Center cut filet mignon with truffle mac ‘n cheese.

However, if you like something meatier for lunch, order the center cut filet mignon. The two flame grilled center cut filets are prepared to your liking and topped with a dollop of garlic herb butter and rich, creamy truffle mac ‘n cheese. If you like a deep truffle flavor, you’re gonna love this classic side.

Chopped clubhouse salad is served with all entrees.

All entrees are served with a refreshing, and substantial chopped clubhouse salad. Presented in a pretty oval offset dish, it’s filled with romaine and other greens, crispy bacon, tomatoes and a bit of  cheddar cheese. Their vinaigrette is the perfect dressing for this colorful salad.

Sundae at Tap 42

Decadence certainly came when we ordered the Ice Cream Cookie Super Sundae for dessert and it arrived at our table. The presentation is so elaborate and over the top even one of the waiters came over to check it out. He said since it was new to the menu he’d never seen one before.

The huge goblet is filled first with chocolate fudge then a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream, a chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwich, topped with more fudge and colored sprinkles and to take it over the top, the dish is rimmed with vanilla frosting and more sprinkles. We did a number on it but definitely couldn’t finish it. Bring plenty of friends because believe me, there’s plenty of this dessert to go around.

Other new menu items at Tap 42 include the crispy chicken tender platter, avocado turkey burger wrap and the flame grilled New York strip steak.

Tap 42 in Midtown, 3252 NE 1 Ave., Miami, (786) 864-0194




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