New items debut on menu at Butcher Shop in Wynwood

The garden-like entrance, open-air communal seating, friendly bartenders and of course the food, are some of my favorite things about the Butcher Shop in Wynwood. Been going here for years and always love coming back again and again.

And while I don’t really need new menu items to entice me to eat here, a little change can be a good thing. The pierogies I normally order are phenomenal, so are the sausages, burgers and sandwiches. But now…they’ve got…

Smoked fish dip

Smoked fish dip made on site served with lavash crackers and pickled vegetables which is a nice new addition and a departure from the mostly meat-centric menu. Loved it.

Meat board with all the meat, creamy mac ‘n cheese and sweet corn

Smoked meat board with smoked brisket, pulled pork and smoked chicken and choice of two sides. My husband (who accompanied me because he loves the Butcher Shop) and I chose mac ‘n cheese and the elote (Mexican-style corn) . Although the brisket was a bit crispy it was still yummy as was the tender, juicy chicken and pork (I highly recommend using the sweet rolls as a vehicle for the pulled pork). The housemade pickles, crunchy slaw and duo of sauces were great accompaniments to the platter.

Blurry pretzel (but oh so delicious)

And although this isn’t a new item, ordering the giant pretzel at Butcher Shop is a must. It comes with beer cheese and grainy mustard for dipping. Either one goes well with the chewy, delectable twister.

I have to also give a shout out to our waitress, with her bleach blond hair, cool tattoos, rock star get up and fantastic service. Turns out, after much chatting, she and I went to the same high school! We’re both proud Miami High School Stingarees.

The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill, 165 NW 23 St., Miami (Wynwood) 305.846.9120

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