My I-95…bumps, potholes, debris and all

It’s a junkyard, it truly is a junkyard. Yesterday there was a clothes dryer, yes a clothes dryer (could’ve been a washer too) it was hard to tell the way it fell out of someone’s truck right onto the highway. That’s I-95 for ya. But I know every bump, pothole, noise, groove, etc…between the Ives Dairy Road and Rickenbacker Causeway exits, whether I’m heading north or south.

It’s a nightmare to drive given that it’s regularly congested, is a free-for-all, doubles as a NASCAR race track (for BMW’s especially and we’ve got no shortage of those in Miami) and has those electronic signs that are supposed to alert motorists about accidents or broken down cars but more often than not give the wrong information.

But…we pretty much all have to use it

We…love complaining about it, gives us something to talk about

Are…amazed we survive driving it, most of us on a daily basis, multiple times!

I’m writing this because last night driving home the fact that I knew where those bumps, potholes, grooves and curves were gonna be was actually nice. It was just another familiar, comforting thing in my life and it felt good. Plus, because traffic was actually flowing smoothly (at warp speed naturally) and not at a standstill I was able to admire this monster that traverses the entire Northeast side of our country.

Of course, that feeling was a blip during a comfortable and relatively quick ride home which I’m sure will be easily forgotten once the next horrific traffic jam filled with rubberneckers, idiots who don’t know how to merge and dreaded texters happens.

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