More than just pizzas at Matchbox where the menu’s lit

Located around the exterior of Sawgrass Mills, near the high-end shops, Matchbox is hard to miss, it’s a huge restaurant that has its own fountain out front to greet you.

The interior, although very sparse and large, is also cozy thanks to the brick throughout and the abundant bench seating.

After ordering a couple of frosty draft beers (they’ve got a nice selection here), my friend and I examined the menu and came up with a variety of dishes to share. It’s always the best thing to ensure a good sampling of items.

She’d never had arancini and it’s one of my favorites so we knew that was our appetizer choice. The crispy fried risotto is cheesy with fresh mozzarella and a rich tomato sauce. They come three to an order and believe me, it was tough to split that last one because they were so good. I wanted another order.

We also chose to share a salad, this one can almost be an entree it’s so hearty. The roasted salmon and spinach salad has salmon with a wonderful crunch on the exterior, peppery arugula, hard boiled egg, mushroom, red onions, crackly croutons and a velvety honey mustard dressing.

Then came the main attraction…the pizza. We each wanted different toppings so our server informed of us we could have both. They could split the toppings on each side of the pizza. So, one side had prosciutto and fig with roasted garlic puree, blue cheese black pepper honey, mozzarella and arugula, that was my friend’s choice, but I wasn’t complaining. On my side, the sausage and onion with roasted red peppers, Spanish onions and mozzarella. They were both tasty, made on a nice thin crust. We were able to take some home, something we purposely did because…

We were saving room for dessert. Here we kept it traditional, ordering The Classic with fudgy, chewy chocolate brownies served with vanilla ice cream and both chocolate and caramel sauce. Nothing at all wrong with that. Only problem here was not eating the whole thing.

We liked the service, the ambiance was nice and the food is worth a repeat visit. They’re also quite charitable here, regularly donating proceeds from sales to charities. That’s a win in my book.

Matchbox at Sawgrass Mills, 1860 Sawgrass Mills Circle, Space 5100, Sunrise (754) 701-3731.

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