Like dumplings and sushi? Then Tanuki’s your go to place

I’d seen Tanuki’s dumplings on social media and couldn’t wait to try a few of them.  I got the perfect opportunity after an event I attended which was held just a few blocks from the restaurant. Let’s just say I dreamt about those dumplings and when I would get back there to try a few more varieties.

That chance came a few weeks back when Tanuki was debuting their new brunch options…which were all about the dumplings as well as their new three-course specially priced lunch menu. Can you say dream come true? (Literally!)


We sipped on prosecco and nibbled on hearty edamame and worked through a bowl of crispy Brussels sprouts with tomato, radish, truffle vin and a hint of citrus.


The mini salmon tacos made with salmon sashimi and guacamole in a crispy shell topped with aji amarillo sauce were the perfect hybrid of Mexican, Japanese and Peruvian, while the crab summer roll a crab salad, crispy noodle and avocado with a shishito dipping sauce was light and abundant.

Seafood dumplings


Shrimp dumplings


Chicken and truffle dumplings


Mushroom and potato dumplings

The bounty of dumplings was overwhelming…in a good way. We sampled four different varieties including the delicate seafood dumpling with an adorable hat-like shape, the shrimp dumpling loaded juicy shrimp and simply delectable, the richest of them all was the chicken truffle siu mai with the earthy truffle flavor and the most colorful of all and by far with the most unique filling was the mushroom and potato dumpling. The latter was the only one I’d tried on my previous visit and I was very happy to have it again.

Singapore noodles

As if all that wasn’t enough, they then brought out the main entree Singapore noodles with chicken, curry, vegetables and egg. It was rich and satisfying with thin Chinese noodles, juicy chicken and just the right amount of curry spice.

Truffle yellowtail chirashi

And because there’s also plenty of sushi at Tanuki, we tried the truffled yellowtail chirashi with the freshest yellowtail imaginable served over rice surrounded by avocado and scallions and topped with crispy tenkasu or tempura flakes.

For dessert, sweet chewy mochi in three flavors, chocolate, strawberry and green tea, were as pretty with their pastel colors, as they were scrumptious.

This afternoon was a true taste of all their dim sum offerings in their dim sum brunch menu as well as their $23 per person three-course lunch menu.

Tanuki, 1080 Alton Rd., Miami Beach, (305) 615-1055



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