Happy Hour at Sushi Garage…such a deal

I never need an excuse to return to the Sunset Harbor neighborhood of Miami Beach. I love how it’s the place where the locals stay to party and eat. It’s become a hot spot for great restaurants and a great place for happy hour is Sushi Garage.

With deals like a 50% off happy hour menu with $4 rolls, $6 mains and $5 specialty cocktails, it’s where to go unwind and eat and drink for cheap after a long day of work. It runs Monday through Friday from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Recently, a friend and I went to check it out and it was a great experience. Let’s start with the decor, both around the restaurant and at the table. Hanging koi fish above and wing nuts on the tables to prop up your chopsticks (the latter plays off the “garage” theme) make this a fun place to hang.

First off, there are so many great cocktails on the menu it’s difficult to choose but we particularly enjoyed the Lychee Mule with Effen vodka, lychee, lime juice and ginger beer and the Kyushiki with Toki Japanese whisky, camomile/ginger and orange bitters. And it’s obvious from my photo that I was unaware the wing nut was a prop to rest your chopsticks. A Sunset Harbor resident pointed it out to me after she saw my post on social media.

Dumpling soup
Shishito peppers
Crispy gyoza and sushi

Then on to the food, where we ordered the dumpling soup, which came to the table steaming and filled with delicious broth and juicy dumplings. We also ordered a variety of sushi rolls which were all good and the shishito peppers. I will always order shishito peppers if they’re on the menu and their crispy gyoza filled with chicken and shrimp were crunchy, chewy and filled with goodness.

I applaud the chefs and mixologists at Sushi Garage, their food and cocktails are first rate and the happy hour menu includes some of their best. We could’ve sampled a lot more but these were quite filling. I encourage you to head to Sushi Garage for this great deal, you won’t regret it. And for sure you’ll be back for more. It’s no wonder the cocktail portion of the menu is themed “Happiest Happy Hour.” You’ll certainly leave with a smile on your face.

Sushi Garage, 1784 West Ave., Miami Beach 305.763.8355

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