Fast casual InRamen new to South Miami

Ramen is having a major moment in Miami’s culinary scene, which is why this is the first of two posts you’ll be seeing from me about the delectable Chinese soup/meal. It is so hearty and chock full of goodness it really does eat like a meal.

This one is about InRamen, a new spot in South Miami where they’re making “signature handcrafted ramen” right before your eyes. Yes, the place is small enough that you can see them making the noodles in the open kitchen from just about anywhere you sit.

A nice cold beer in a cool mason jar was a nice way to start the meal.

Chicken gyoza

First up for our dinner was the chicken gyoza. I was eyeing the parmesan crust chicken gyoza on the menu only because it seemed so unique with the parmesan crust but…opted instead for the traditional chicken gyoza dumpling. They come six to an order and are heavenly. Next time I’m there though I will for sure order the ones with the parmesan crust. Others around me ordered them and they looked good.

Next it was time for the star of the night, a couple of bowls of ramen with those handmade noodles. I knew my noodles would be going from the open kitchen crafter’s hands straight to my bowl so anticipation was an understatement.

Asian smoked brisket ramen

I ordered the Asian smoked brisket ramen. Yes…brisket…in ramen…made with fresh noodles. The rich shoyu broth was the perfect pool for the tender brisket, baby bok choy and ramen egg. Delicate onion and scallion slices were the perfect garnish. The hearty bowl was warm, comforting and left me with plenty to take home.

Chashu ramen

My daughter chose the Chashu Ramen, a much more complex offering. Hearty pork belly lay atop a creamy 12-hour Tonkatsu broth and was accompanied by crispy Nori, sweet corn, ear mushroom, green onion. bamboo shoots, black garlic oil and a Ramen egg. Deep, rich flavor here.

I encourage you to go online and look at their extensive menu because the choices are endless. Nearly a dozen ramen, as well as bibimbap/bowls, Asian tapas and dim sum plus plenty of sides. You can have a couple of pieces of chashu, steamed white rice, kimchi, asparagus with yuzu, ramen noodles and even a Ramen egg, all as sides. It’s a great place to come back time and time again and work your way through the menu.

InRamen, 5829 SW 73 St., Ste. 5B, South Miami 305.639.8181

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