Definite art vibe at Crudos Fusion Art in Wynwood

As we walked in for lunch at Crudos Fusion Art, Salvador Dali welcomed us into this very Wynwood appropriate restaurant. Let’s just say that art plays as big a part as the food. Plus, so many restaurants are getting creative with their Happy Hour menus with Crudos offering it from noon to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

I couldn’t help but be drawn in by the bar and their elegantly displayed garnishes, nestled neatly into copper cocktail glasses and speaking of cocktails, of course I was having one. I chose the Light Gin Bulb cocktail made with London Dry celery gin, mint leaves, fresh lemon juice and hibiscus syrup. So refreshing and with a lovely garnish.

Tuna tartar

If there’s tuna tartar on the menu, I’m ordering it, and this one’s made with crispy quinoa, spicy mayo, avocado, macha aioli and masago. Love the crispy quinoa and the macha aioli’s pretty unique too. Crispy wontons it’s served with are great for scooping it up!

Gyoza dumplings and sushi

Steamed pork gyoza dumplings served with ponzu sauce are delicate and juicy and can be ordered crispy too but I certainly prefer steamed. The mira shrimp roll is another great choice. It pops off the plate, topped with, fresh salmon, eel sauce and spicy mayo and filled with crispy tempura shrimp, masago, avocado and cream cheese. My favorite addition, slivered almonds that add a nice crunchy bite.

Udon noodles with shrimp

The most unique item we ordered (my daughter loves udon noodles) was their white udon noodles served with shrimp or chicken in a parmesan sauce with scallions, tomato and haricot vert. I was surprised at the Italian influence in this dish made with Asian noodles, it was certainly different.


Dessert is always necessary and we chose the mochi prepared in seasonal flavors.

The dishes are a great deal and the atmosphere is inviting, check out Crudos the next time you’re in Wynwood.

Crudos Fusion Art, 250 NW 24 St. 786.238.7103

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