Brunch at Tacology…que rico

I’m gonna say it right off the bat, I’m a huge fan of Tacology in Brickell City Centre, probably because I love Chef Santiago Gomez, who I had the privilege of making tortillas with in his kitchen there a few years ago. Having brunch there then? A no-brainer.

I’d had some of the items my husband and I ordered, but he hadn’t and he loved them.

You can’t sit down to brunch without ordering a cocktail and so naturally, that’s what we did. He’s a fan of Bloody Mary’s, and his didn’t disappoint. Neither did my mojito which was refreshing and perfectly prepared. I’m always worried they’ll be too sweet but this mojito was right on the money.

Shrimp tacos

I’m a fan of their shrimp tacos wrapped in quinoa, not only because the crispy quinoa surrounding the tender shrimp is a unique combo but also because the presentation is so cool. My husband loved these. He also enjoyed the traditional elote corn topped with Mexican crema, something I too love to order when it’s on the menu. These are some of the best around.

Queso fundido with mushrooms

The queso fundido is yet again, a no brainer. A cute ceramic dish filled with melted Mexican cheese and earthy mushrooms ready to be scopped up by a soft, warm flour tortilla? Died and gone to heaven, at least in my book.

Tacos al pastor

Tacos al pastor are always a great bet here, a classic combo of pork with sweet pineapple wrapped up in a traditional corn tortilla.


And I truly enjoyed the chilaquiles, tortilla chips (homemade of course), topped with a nice mixture of shredded dark meat chicken (the best), green tomatillo salsa, queso fresco, Mexican crema and radishes for crunch. I love the addition of the radishes and need to remember to use them in my cooking as creatively as they do here.

And this was our brunch experience at Tacology. Definitely no reports on dessert as we were too full to order any but the meal was so amazing there was no need to. Everything was muy rico indeed and I’ll for sure be back. Can’t wait to see what they introduce next.

Tacology in Brickell City Centre, 701 S. Miami Ave., 4th Level, 786.347.5368

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