Brunch at Phuc Yea…heck yeah!

If you want to have a good time at brunch and have some amazing Vietnamese/Cajun fusion you need to put Phuc Yea in the MiMo District on Biscayne Blvd. on your list of brunch spots.

With Miami Spice going on through Sept. 30, now’s the perfect time to give it a try because their Brunch at $23 is a complete steal.

First things first, I ordered the Lucky Cheng cocktail old fashioned, old grand dad bourbon, pho spiced syrup, angostura bitters and orange peel. I sipped it nice and slow and made it last the entire meal. About that meal…

Pan de bono, summer roll and empanadas

It starts off with all three appetizers served family style (yes, you read that right). They bring out a few fluffy pan de bono similar (the popular Colombian cheesy bread) with a Chinese sausage butter for spreading, a six-piece summer roll (goi cuon) soft rice paper rolls filled with roasted pork, lemongrass poached shrimp rice noodles, crispies, lettuce and herbage with hoisin dipping sauce and (yes, AND) five Asian style meat empanadas (similar to egg rolls) with a lemongrass aji picante for dipping. Now take a breath because…there’s more.

There are four choices for your second course one of which is the Sancocho style beef pho (another Colombian favorite with an Asian fusion) and although it’s $25 extra, it feeds at least four people and is an amazing blend of Asian and South American flavors. The bowl it’s served in is beautiful and comes to your table steaming and full of corn, yuca, greens, potatoes, noodles, bean sprouts, a huge (we’re talking Flinstone style) short rib, sriracha, hoisin and jalapeno. It’s not overly spicy at all and I made three more meals out of the leftovers I took home.

We also enjoyed the shrimp and grits, with crawfish andouille sausage gravy, crispy salt and pepper local shrimp and a 63 degree egg. Creamy grits, topped with that hearty gravy and tender shrimp and then a delicate egg. This is the ultimate brunch dish.

Having already enjoyed a decadent meal, why not keep going and finish off with the delectable “The Ceezus” (named after the creator Chef/Owner Cesar Zapata) Country Fried French Toast. It’s croissant French toast topped with coconut rum custard, chocolate chips, a Nutella drizzle and Bourbon maple syrup. I’ll repeat what my brother will probably say when reading this description “my sugar just went up reading this!”

The final cocktail a colorful “grown up slushee” was just a fun potent finish.

At Phuc Yeah, you’ll more than just love the food. It’s a lively, colorful place with great decor, a soundtrack that’ll make you dance in your seat (you can get up and dance too), a lovingly prepared menu, delicious cocktails and a fun atmosphere all around. I applaud Owners Cesar Zapata and Ani Meinhold for running a great place, click on the link below to read about their journey that brought them to the MiMo District. Now, get over there!

Phuc Yea, 7100 Biscayne Blvd., 305.602-3710

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