Bakan in Wynwood serves lovely dishes in an equally lovely setting

Driving by Bakan on a regular basis was almost torture, I kept meaning to stop in but just couldn’t make the time, until recently when I got around to going in and trying their Miami Spice menu which by the way, is available through the end of the month for both lunch and dinner seven days a week.

Photo courtesy of Bakan Facebook
Photo courtesy of Bakan Facebook

I’d always loved the location and now I can say I really like the food too, because they’re making amazing Mexican fare with a lot of heart.

Crispy blue corn tortillas chips with creamy guacamole and Los Esquites topped with cotija cheese and chili powder.

I love that they serve blue corn tortillas for just about everything. You can dip the crunchy chips in their creamy guacamole and also have them as the base for some amazing taco and tostada fillings.

What’s great too about their tortillas and their esquites (elote) is that they’re using Mexican corn, imported from Mexico making the dishes as authentic as they come.


After those two amazing dishes, we chose to try the Cochinita Pibil tostadas, with black beans, roasted pork, pickled red onions and avocado on, you guessed it, blue corn tortillas. Tenderest pork, zippy onions and smooth, creamy beans and avocado slices.

Mole verde Chilean sea bass

We also had the mole verde with Chilean sea bass. It was nice trying a non-traditional mole made with oaxaca, fresh mint, parsley, epazote, cilantro, tomatillo, serrano chile and chayote served with fluffy house rice and tender string beans. The fish was well executed and tasted great with the green mole.

To end the meal, what else but churros and these were fancy, served with a coffee flavored dipping sauce and ice cream covered in chocolate sauce. Perfect way to finish dinner.

Bakan, 2801 NW 2 Ave., Wynwood 305.396.7080

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