5 Costume Themes We Bet You’ll See at the King Mango Strut

The political incorrectness of the annual King Mango Strut Parade in Coconut Grove is exactly why crowds gather to watch the wackiness. Always politically-charged and bordering on inappropriate, group costumes and floats (if that’s what you can call them) always reflect the year’s biggest news stories. The teams are putting the last minute touches on their costumes, we are sure, as Grand Marshall Luther Campbell is getting ready for the wackiness as well. We’ve got a few ideas of what’s going to be parading down the streets of Coconut Grove this Saturday.

The Trumpster

Our President-elect is tops on this list. We predict plenty of self-tanning lotion and straw-like comb-over wigs. Maybe there will be a bunch of women carrying toy cats, which he could potentially grab. Then he can go back to Tweeting.


Perhaps we will see a box of ashes being pushed down the street by Cuban military men atop a Soviet-era Jeep that has broken down. Then again, there might be a team dressed up as demons who chase the former Cuban dictator through the streets.

North Dakota access pipeline police

There could be a group Native American protesters protecting their land while being harassed by police in riot gear. Let’s see how they make this one funny…

Toxic algae

How can you create a costume to embody toxic algae? Here is a recipe for DIY green goo. Bonus: It’s non-toxic.


As this year’s logo implies, Zika is the story of the year. We suspect there will be a horde of them harassing tourists and stealing money from Wynwood business owners. 




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