Zoom over to Zuma for a glorious Miami Spice lunch experience

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to finally try Zuma located inside The Epic Hotel, but I’m proud to say I finally went, and what better time than Miami Spice. They offer one of the best Miami Spice lunch menus and that’s saying a lot given there are over 200 restaurants participating (although not all of them offer a Miami Spice lunch menu).

It was busy the day I went, and there were plenty of patrons enjoying many of the Spice offerings. Here’s what I had as well as what my lunch date ordered and even something special they brought out for us to try (in other words, not on the lunch Spice menu).

The crunchy, salty edamame were a wonderful little starter for lunch.

White miso soup

They’re generous with appetizers on the Spice menu here. You get two including the white Miso soup with tofu, wakame and scallion and the avocado and asparagus salad with lemon honey dressing.

The soup was warm, delicious and drinkable right from the bowl (I love sipping it this way, especially when it’s encouraged) while the salad was crisp and creamy thanks to the avocado and light on the dressing.

Sashimi Charishi

Wanting to keep the meal nice and light on a hot summer day, I chose the sashimi chirashi with sushi grade salmon, avocado and a topping of ikura. Light, flavorful and summery.

The Barley Miso marinated baby chicken oven roasted on cedar wood was presented on a dark plate with a side bowl of rice. The color and bit of char made the chicken juicy and moist. Simplicity at its best.


With two choices for dessert we figured, why not try both? The tropical miso flourless chocolate cake was rich and decadent while the traditional panna cotta got a pop of summer flavor with lychee and seasonal berries.

Short rib gyoza

And what was that surprise they brought out for us to try? The unforgettable short rib gyoza. One word of advice…if you go to Zuma…order it!

Sake bar

If you like sake, you’re going to want to sample some sake here because they’ve got a fully stocked sake bar. The bottles are gorgeous and the bar is very inviting with a great view. Honestly, the entire place has beautiful scenery.

Zuma Miami inside The Epic Hotel, 270 Biscayne Blvd. Way, (305) 577-0277

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