Whirlwind of Dalmore Scotch tastings with elegant Boulud Sud dinner

Ask me if I’d like to dine at Boulud Sud, Michelin-Star Chef Daniel Boulud’s masterpiece in the JW Marriott Marquis and chances are I’m already making my way out the door.

Add to that a Dalmore Scotch Whisky tasting and I couldn’t get there fast enough. The elegant four-course dinner was curated and presented by Chef Clark Bowen with pairings introduced by US national brand ambassador Benjamin Boice.

Boice and Bowen made a great pair, taking turns in the spotlight, providing descriptions of the stellar menu and numerous high-end whisky varieties we enjoyed.

The Highlander cocktail

The beautifully plated dishes were the perfect match for the impressive presentation of whisky glasses and bottles. Prior to sitting down to dinner we gathered on the patio with the welcome cocktail The Highlander lovingly prepared by Head Bartender Craig Welsh and served in my favorite glass, the dainty Nick and Nora. Google it and read the history of this cocktail glass, it’s very cool. The Highlander was made with Dalmore 12 Single Malt, lemon, cinnamon, Florida poached peach, eggwhite foam and Augustine Bitters. It was a wonderful starter.

Here’s what was served…

A colorful cruciferous salad with asparagus, cauliflower, broccolini rabe, hazelnut and chard ramp vinaigrette. A nice light way to start the meal but things got a bit heartier as we headed into the second course, a good thing given all the whisky we still had left to sample.

Second course…

Roasted pastrami spiced salmon with brown butter crostini, super green spinach and pearl onions. Perfectly cooked salmon crusted with pastrami spices on a bed of deep green spinach and served with soft, buttery pearl onions was a wonderful dish. This, and the first course were paired with a trio of samplings — The Dalmore 15 with winter spice, orange zest and chocolate notes; The Dalmore Cigar Malt with sherry tones and The Dalmore 18 with orange, chocolate and spice notes making it rich, fruity and spicy. Each one offered its own unique flavor to the dishes.

The Lamb Duo with roasted lamb loin, honey spice lamb bacon, tomato farcie and potato mousseline was course number three paired with The Dalmore Portwood. Loin and bacon in one course? Yes! The juicy tomato between the two and bed of creamy potato dressing the plate balanced this third course beautifully. The Portwood is a complex, smooth single malt with a variety of notes that progress from aroma to palate to finishing notes.

The whimsical chocolate cigarette, created by master Executive Pastry Chef Saeko Nemoto, decked out with cardamon foam, chocolate ganache and Tahitian vanilla ice cream was paired with The Dalmore King Alexander. And yes, the matchstick nestled on the ice cream was edible. The King Alexander? It’s got notes of red berry fruits, passion fruit, citrus zest, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

Our after dinner drink was the Dalmore 25 aged you guessed it, 25 years with aromas of vanilla pods, fig cake and more, followed by toffee, chocolate and vanilla on the palate and maple syrup, dark chocolate and spiced gingerbread finishing notes. Perfect for post-dessert right?

Well…that wasn’t the end of dessert because out came…ice cream. Not just any ice cream, a Scotch & Decadence Single Malt Ice Cream made with the Dalmore 12. I normally don’t go for any food that tastes of alcohol but…with dark chocolate, vanilla, citrus, spices and roasted coffee notes, I wasn’t complaining.

I strongly encourage you to visit The Dalmore web site and research their extensive collection of fine whiskys and if you’ve got an opportunity to attend one of these special dinners by all means, do so. The hosts alone make the event worthwhile. They’re knowledgeable and really, really fun and engaging.

Boulud Sud in the JW Marriott Marquis, 255 Biscayne Blvd., Way 305.421.8800 and The Dalmore

Boulud Sud for a Dalmore Scotch Whisky dinner presented by US national brand ambassador Benjamin Boice on Tuesday, April 23rd at 7:00pm. 
We’ll enjoy a custom created four-course dinner by Chef Clark Bowen paired with a Dalmore 12 welcome cocktail from head bartender Craig Welsh. We’ll also be tasting the Dalmore Portwood, Dalmore 15, Dalmore 18, Cigar Malt , King Alexander III and Dal

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