The Confidante Dinner Club is a fancy dining affair

The monthly dinner series at The Confidante on Miami Beach is an elegant soiree held in The 1930s House on the property, a private, outdoor Spanish-style bungalow originally built as a one-bedroom family home.

A nice aside that we learned, at one time the building we dined in was located across the street from The Confidante and at one point, picked up by crane and placed where it currently resides.

It was hard to take my eyes off the incredible surroundings that evening, from the chandelier, to the mantle to the lovely table setting. Oh, and the drinks were pretty incredible too.

And drink we did, with three welcome cocktails to accompany hearty appetizers. Plus, a cool Maker’s Mark Snifter wax dripping demonstration. The cocktails were crafted by Jim Beam master mixologists.

Welcome Cocktails included Bourbon Cider – Maker’s Mark, Bitters, Dry Hard Cider; Sour Derby – Basil Hayden, Lime Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Honey Syrup, Dry Red Wine Grapefruit Bitters and Manhattan – Maker’s Mark 46, Sweet Vermouth, Aromatic Bitters. Those accompanied thick-cut smoked maple bacon (no description needed) and earthy roasted beets with fresh whipped ricotta, pepper jelly and sunflower seeds. Smooth, zippy and crunchy.

Chef Richard Hales, who runs the restaurants at The Confidante (have you been to Bird & Bone? Here’s a suggestion…go!) held court that evening, introducing the courses as they were brought out. The presentation of the drink pairings was simple yet elegant. Joining Chef Hales to describe each pairing was Beam Suntory Luxury Specialist Katie Nahat.

The three courses were a feast for both the eyes and the palate kicking off with royal red shrimp in barbecue spice served simply with torn iceberg lettuce pieces, Florida bleu cheese and hemp seeds. The shrimp were served with Baker’s Bourbon, barreled and aged in small batches with notes of toasted nut, fruit and vanilla.

The next course was a stick to your “ribs” entree of the tenderest peach glazed pork spare ribs (beautifully stacked) served with luxurious creamed corn, hot sauce braised greens with just enough kick and crunchy peanuts. These were paired with Maker’s Mark.

And for dessert a delectable grilled chocolate pound cake with dark rye bourbon braised figs and popcorn ice cream (definitely one of the most unique ice cream flavors I’ve ever had). The smokey grilled flavor of the cake with the chewy figs were a great combo.

And that cool wax dripping demo was really cool and the finished product was dynamic and unique. Loved that it was a keepsake memory from the evening.

These dinners happen monthly and have a different theme each month, they’re $100 per person. You’ll love the whole experience, I guarantee it.

1930s House at The Confidante Miami Beach, 4041 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, (305) 424-1234.

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