Sofi’s Local House is great for brunch and lunch

Sense Beach House in the South of Fifth neighborhood of Miami Beach, sits quietly on the corner of 4th and Ocean Dr. Yes, one block walk and you’re at the beach. Walk into the hotel off that corner and you’re inside their restaurant The Local House.

The sunny windows throughout provide a fantastic view of passersby and small glimpses of the clear blue ocean just a block away. You’re going to appreciate all of this because this is the type of place where you’ll want to linger for a while. Yes, the menu is that good too.

You’ll want to begin by ordering the Summer Air Cocktail a refreshing blend of prosecco, champagne, elderflower, peach and lavender bitter. It’s the perfect brunch drink.

Cheesy croquettes


Brussels sprouts


Crispy rock ‘n shrimp

I recommend you brunch with friends because there are plenty of great appetizers to sample and sharing is just more fun. The crispy rock ‘n shrimp with sweet chili sauce for dipping are light but also succulent. Cheesy round croquettes with savory guava and goat cheese are a must as are the crispy Brussels sprouts topped with plenty of melted parmesan cheese.

If you’ve still got room for something else consider ordering the lobster rolls. Two buttery buns are stuffed with fresh, meaty, chunky lobster pieces dressed in lemon aioli and truffle oil. They’re served with a side of crispy fries with ketchup for dipping.

Coconut cream pie


Key lime pie

Don’t pass up dessert because the options are dreamy. A beautifully presented key lime pie and sky high coconut creme pie loaded with chewy coconut flakes are some to consider.



As wonderful as the ambiance is at The Local House, take a trip up the elevator to the rooftop pool, it’s the only way to complete an afternoon experience here. The vertical swimming hole is surrounded by dainty royal blue murals depicting vintage swimmers, lounging areas and an adorable pink princess phone. Use that phone to order cocktails at the pool. Yes, it really works!

The Local House at Sense Beach House, 400 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, 786.230.8396



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