Shimuja pop-up in Sunset Harbour gives taste of what’s to come

Absolutely, ramen is the new “it” dish as is evident in this blog where I’m again writing about a new ramen spot. It’s Shimuja and I got to experience the pop-up in Sunset Harbour which was around until Dec. 1. Their brick and mortar will come in 2020 to the same neighborhood.

The ramen here is legit. We’re talking a ramen stock that takes more than 12 hours to prepare and it’s evident from the very first bite.

First things first though…a frosty cold Sapporo beer and shishito peppers because well, it seemed like the perfect way to start. It was.

Their bao buns are of course phenomenal as well. The fried chicken one sounded great but I stuck with my usual…pork. You can’t go wrong with either one though so if you’re with a few people, by all means order both.

Finally it came time for the star of the night, the ramen. The choices are endless here but at the server’s recommendation, I ordered the Kagoshima Special Classic Tonkotsu. Now, take a deep breath because the list of ingredients is long. According to the menu this is an “award-winning ramen” (no doubt there). Here’s what it contains…classic thick egg noodles and handcrafted pork bone-broth topped with extra braised chashu pork belly (which translates to super tender pork), scallions, kikurage mushrooms, bean sprouts, cabbage, half a marinated soft-boiled egg (one of my favorite ingredients), two nori leaves, fried gobo burdock root over the top for extra crunch and the signature and colorful narutomaki fish cake. There, you can breathe now. Have it, savor it, let it bring comfort to your belly and soul.

Make sure to come back and try one of the many other specialty and mainly authentic ramen dishes they offer. Keep an eye out for the brick and mortar coming to Sunset Harbour across from the pop up which was at 1766 Bay Rd. However, if you simply can’t wait, visit their original location in Davie.

Shimuja Ramen, 4921 SW 148 Ave., Southwest Ranches Davie, 754.200.8941

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