ROK:BRGR is rockin’ a new brunch menu

The recently debuted Saturday brunch at ROK:BRGR was a delight to discover and made a fun afternoon out. It’s cool that Saturday brunch is now a thing there so…with my trusty sidekicks (the BFF and my daughter) we set out to try as many of their brunch dishes as possible.

We surveyed the menu and after much consideration, because it was really tough to choose from so many great options, we came to our decision and each ordered a different dish.

Figuring this is brunch and eggs should really be part of the meal, we started off with the smoked salmon deviled eggs. I love eggs and luckily, so does my best friend, and these didn’t disappoint. The smoked salmon, red onions and capers played off beautifully to the creamy whipped yolks. Plus, the mimosas were very refreshing and the perfect brunch cocktail.

Knowing that I would want to sample a few bites of the other entrees I went for one of the lightest options on the menu, the chicken and avocado salad. Grilled chicken, black beans, corn, edamame, cherry tomatoes, crispy tortilla strips and mixed greens are all tossed in a light agave lime vinaigrette.

While taking bites of my crisp salad, I sampled my daughter’s order of shrimp and cheesy grits. Served in a generous sized bowl, the sweet Florida shrimp and bacon topped creamy, cheesy South Carolina stone ground grits which had a hint of smokiness from the jalapeño cheddar.

And seriously, no brunch would be complete without chicken ‘n waffles which thankfully was what my best friend Monica ordered! They come three to an order and although they are mini versions, they’re still incredibly filling. Two mini waffles make the top and bottom for sandwiching a crispy chicken tender. And for added flavor, presentation and overall decadence…each one is topped with a strip of candied bacon. As if that wasn’t enough there’s maple syrup for drizzling over them. We took leftovers of these and the shrimp and grits home.

Think we were done? Not quite as my daughter is one to always save room for dessert and the chocolate molten (lava) cake was calling her name. Moist cake, ooey gooey chocolate inside that oozes when cut with a spoon and cold creamy scoops of vanilla ice cream around the outside. I leave you with that.

Now we have to go back and try their many eggs benedict choices and their hangover breakfast sandwiches, which the manager said are a must try. And their burgers of course!

ROK: BRGR various locations in Miami and Broward


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