Photography without a miss!

Guest post by Leanne Ferguson

Have you ever heard horror stories of people who have trusted in a photographer to capture their special event, like a wedding, and either they don’t show up, pictures were horrible or they just don’t deliver the images…ever?? It’s horrible, but this happens way more than you’d think.

New App by Galaxy Photoz coming June 2017 is changing all of that.

Their services are guaranteed and they also offer same day service. Can you imagine? Booking a photographer an hour or two before you need them? This is a game changer.

So How Does It Work?

In the app, you select the type of photography, the package you’re looking for and the date.

Then wait about 5 minutes (or less) for 3 photographers to respond that they are available.

Look through their portfolios, have a chat, decide which one you’d like to hire then accept.

The photographers come to you but if you want an in-studio shoot, watch for the special offers where the rate will be even better!

This is something that was needed back in the 80’s when photographers were shooting with the lens cap on, ruining images and still charging clients.

If you are not in Toronto or Miami (where they are launching next) you can still get some amazing perks by supporting their pre-launch campaign here

You can also jump on the waiting list to preview some of the new features with CEO Leanne Ferguson.

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