No end in sight

We all want the same thing…for this pandemic to be over but as of right now, there’s no end in sight. It’s what we all yearn for, a date…just a date…even a projected one of when this might be over.

But that date doesn’t come. We read and watch all day, are given glimmers of hope and then, nothing comes. Masks and gloves, did we ever think we’d be wearing these on a regular basis? Of course not, that’s reserved for other parts of the world, where outbreaks happen. But not us, never us.

Yet here we are, donning masks, bandanas, scarves, whatever we can, just to keep our lives going.

We’re told to use this time to do all those things we never have time to do. The motivation comes, we work on those projects but then inevitably either we finish them or perhaps get discouraged. I’ll admit, I’ve been reading more but that’s about it, not much else has changed. Maybe because I work from home but still, there’s always some home improvement that can be done.

Have I done any? No, no I haven’t. I have however, discovered how fun daily early evening walks are with my husband. We talk, share, admire the homes around the neighborhood, point out things we like. It’s nice, really nice. One thing I’ve noticed too, people are friendlier on these walks always waving and saying hello. Sometimes it’s a if with their greeting they’re saying “I miss the human connection and we’re all in this together.”

My days are occupied with work and keeping up with the ever-changing info coming in for Miami on the Cheap, a website I write for that’s a great resource. I encourage you to subscribe! Writing and outreach for Artburst Miami also keep me busy. If you want to keep up with great news on the arts and how they’re surviving in these times, check it out and you can subscribe as well.

Image by Szabolcs Molnar from Pixabay

I’ve got my good and my bad days but no matter what, I’m thankful everyday that my family is here and safe, we’re still employed and we are spending quality time as a family, now more than ever. But then again, that’s easy for us because that’s our norm. Already looking forward to my afternoon walk and this weekend’s family movie night, when we all huddle on the couch in darkness sharing a big bowl of popcorn.

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