Never did I ever…

Think I would one day say there had been a pandemic in my lifetime and now, it’s happened. I already know these are the things I will remember about this weird, unnerving time…

“We’re all in this together,” the most used phrase, it’s all over social media, in commercials, on news programs, memes…everywhere. And of course, it’s sparked controversy because the phrase itself, although very empathetic and heartwarming, is rubbing certain people the wrong way. Particularly the unemployed who are struggling to stay afloat.

Television ads and the dramatic piano music. Seems as if every company is using some variation of compositions that utilize those “sad keys” on the piano. Just the first few notes, strategically played to evoke tears, are the norm nowadays.

And what even is the norm nowadays? It’s days filled with wait and see, good news/bad news, when will this end, people not social distancing or wearing masks, areas opening then quickly closing again because of those people I just mentioned! It’s like one big yo-yo, up and down. The uncertainty is enough to drive anyone nuts.

Learning and adapting to this “new normal” (there’s another one of those phrases!) is frankly, very difficult to adapt to. We’re living in a time of insecurity, always questioning what we’re doing. Am I wearing the right mask? When do I absolutely have to wear it (not in the car when you’re alone that’s for certain). Am I going to run out of toilet paper? For parents, what’s the best way to deal with virtual school? Am I doing enough to help others in these “trying times?” (yep, that’s yet another phrase).

It’s all exhausting, truly exhausting. Our brains are on overdrive, processing new information that’s overwhelming us from every angle.

And so I leave you with this. Use common sense and do the best you can, we all need to be easier on ourselves and by all means, show compassion and empathy, something we should practice on a daily basis regardless of the state of the world.

Peace and love.

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