Muscle Maker Grill keeps it healthy and delicious

By Josie Gulliksen

The Muscle Maker Grill in Midtown is the only one located in Miami. With a motto like “Great Food with Your Health in Mind,” it’s no wonder people seeking to keep a healthy and delicious diet are flocking here. It’s obvious from the get-go that this place means business with a variety of health-related products for sale. Only the best protein powders and bars are available here. Franchise owner, Enrique Gomez makes sure to only stock the best ones.

“I am very careful to only offer the ones that are truly good for you and are not filled with additives and sugar. These are the ones my trusted distributors recommend,” Gomez said.

Everything on the menu at Muscle Maker Grill is made in a healthy fashion. They only use brown rice and whole wheat pasta. They even use wheat flour for the coating on their baked nuggets. For their Tuscan Soup, similar to the Italian Wedding soup, they use turkey meatballs instead of beef. Another great tool they offer on their menu is the calorie counter. It’s great for teaching customers the correct way to look at ingredients.

“We have a very interesting concept to calorie counting. It really teaches customers to look at the healthiness of something as opposed to the amount,” Gomez said.

Some of their best selling items include:

– Italiano Salad with grilled chicken breast, reduced fat mozzarella, fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, romaine lettuce and gluten/ fat-free balsamic vinaigrette

– Baked chicken nuggets made three ways – spicy Texas, honey barbecue or teriyaki – all served with fat-free sour cream and celery

– Cajun chicken and penne – chicken breast in a red wine and brown sauce, garnished with tomatoes and scallion

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