Michael Schwartz puts his touch on Traymore at COMO

You may have seen mention of the Traymore by Michael Schwartz at COMO Miami Beach in a previous post on this blog during a special event but this time I got to experience the restaurant’s full menu.

On the website, Traymore is described as bringing “fresh Floridian flavors and bright Southeast Asian influences to Miami Beach.” It certainly delivers all of that.

Stepping into the Traymore, the light fixtures, light colored decor and views to the patio and beyond are soothing and tranquil. It has that tropical Miami vibe.

Tomato carpaccio

One glance at the menu and you know you’re in for a treat. Like oysters with yuzu mignonette and a colorful and refreshing heirloom tomato carpaccio with chili, lime and soy. Both are so light, they’re the perfect starters for what’s to come next.


Given those two plates aren’t overly filling, you’ve got room for another starter so why not try the steamed leek and mushroom dumplings with hot and sour dipping sauce. Because they’re steamed, they’re also light and the earthy mushrooms and delicate leeks are the perfect filling.

I love salmon and when I saw it was wok-charred, I was completely intrigued, I’ve never had it prepared this way. When the plate arrived with a generous portion, topped with pumpkin seeds, laid atop sprouts in a zesty soy vinaigrette, I couldn’t help but dig in. The presentation, with bright red radicchio leaves, just popped off the plate.

My husband opted for the red curry noodles with tofu, sugar snap peas, mung bean sprouts and herbs. Another light dish, vegetarian at that, with a light curry flavor. No pic snapped unfortunately but you’ll want to give this a try.

Wanting to keep it light for dessert as well, I chose the hemp seed balls (my husband’s not a fan of dessert). They were chewy, rich and fulfilling with a nice sesame seed crunch.

Although this wasn’t a Miami Spice preview, the Traymore is offering Miami Spice for lunch and dinner every day in August and September. The menus are listed on their site, be sure to check them out.

Traymore by Michael Schwartz in COMO Miami Beach, 2445 Collins Ave., Miami Beach 305.695.3655

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