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50 Biscayne, Tui Lifestyle, Downtown Miami

50 Biscayne, Tui Lifestyle, Downtown Miami

Imagine alleviating the need to pick out home furniture or accessories individually but instead, having the convenience of choosing an entire indoor room that encompasses all your favorite styles.

That’s the concept that Tui Lifestyle – made up of chairman and founder Jason Atkins and designer Noranit “Tui” Pranich — has revolutionized since exploding onto the condo market two years ago. With headquarters in Miami and design centers and showrooms throughout the city and one in New York, their furniture collections, both indoors and outdoors, can be seen throughout Downtown Miami. They’re in such iconic buildings as The ViceroyIcon Brickell,Marquis and Epic Biscayne, to name a few.

Jason Atkins talked about the birth of Tui Lifestyle, its present and future in the Miami Market:

Q: Tell me about your project at Marquis Residences and how you decided the concept for that building?

A: We constantly enjoy all new project opportunities with any buildings.  Marquis is an outstanding building which developed an extended stay rental program. Similar to other parallel programs, the building wanted a beautiful design and a consistent scheme for all the units.   We were very excited when Marquis made the decision to decorate the extended stay units with Tui Lifestyle collections. Our in-stock inventory ensures that units can be designed, delivered and installed in 72 hours.

Marquis Residence

Marquis Residence

Q: How did you devise such a unique concept for Tui Lifestyle and how did you come together with Noranit “Tui” Pranich?

A: I am very proud of Tui Lifestyle; we are a young, successful, and dynamic company. The company launched in 2008 with creative talent and business acumen twenty years in the making.  We see it as a synergy of style and business.  Tui and I got together for a business strategy meeting in 2008.  We came up with the innovative idea for Tui Lifestyle in that meeting.  We are proud to say that Tui Lifestyle has redefined the design and furniture industries, providing luxury style furniture at affordable and sensible prices with the extraordinary convenience of turn-key living solutions.  Design excellence behind every item in a collection ensures the highest quality merchandise at the absolute best value in the industry.  An extraordinary logistics team ensures streamlined ordering and white glove delivery installation in 72 hours.  At Tui Lifestyle, you never have to wait weeks for furniture with our “in-stock” inventory.

Q: I see that you have Design Centers in various buildings around Miami, can you tell me how those centers vary? And is the Tui Lifestyle incorporated into those buildings and if yes, describe the different looks you have incorporated into those buildings?

A: Yes, we have a great presence in Miami.   There are approximately 45 Tui Lifestyle demo model design centers all around Miami.  We strive to make sure that the design of each demo model is tailored to the overall design of the building.  We also collaborate with the building in achieving the best design for the building residents.

Q: How were the various furniture collections developed and designed?

A: Our collections are always designed with our customers in mind; providing great European design, style and grace with the simplicity of modern living. Our furniture is crafted beautifully with meticulous attention to detail paired with rich linens, leather, silk, and ebonized wood.  Our Sophisticated Collection and Outdoor Collections combine European design with the beautiful warmth of Bali-inspired Asian design.

Q: What condo projects are on the horizon in Miami for Tui Lifestyle?

A: Our design and marketing teams are working on our upcoming collection designs at Paramount BayPeninsula II, Viscayne and many more.

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