Here’s some Poison you’ll love being exposed to

The Patricia and Phillip Frost Science Museum has devised an ingenious way to present the vast history of poisons in their latest exhibition The Power of Poison: From the Depths of the Sea to Your Own Backyard, by tackling the subject from several angles.

Bet you don’t think of poisons as a possible protective barrier, but for many animals they are, 0r how poisons have been used for good by creating live-saving drugs from them? You can also take an interactive role playing detective by using clues to determine which poison was used on particular victims and travel back in time to learn about historic poisoning cases. And did you know that poisons have also played a vital role in forensic science?

That’s a lot of ground to cover and they do it well in this exhibit.

Poison Dart Frog


Entrance to the exhibition


Lush foliage

Enter the exhibit through what feels like a jungle with a poison dart frog greeting you right from the get go and lush foliage surrounding the displays.


The exhibit theme is cleverly displayed on the floor adding an element of interest to the space.


The Alice in Wonderland Tea Party is prominently displayed.


Snow White is one of the subjects in the show.


Witches get busy making their potion in a giant cauldron.

This show has something for everyone. Harry Potter fans there’s something for you, and if you’re crazy about fairy tales Snow White (remember she was poisoned?) and Alice in Wonderland are prominently featured. Plus, the witches making their brew while surrounding a cauldron is straight out a children’s tale.

This oversized book is another interactive facet of the exhibit, with pages changing at the touch of a hand.

Have a love of forensics? Dreamt of being a detective like Sherlock Holmes? There’s a whole section for you.

The displays are ingenious from being hands-on and informative to creative and insightful. You’ll discover poison in a whole new light thanks to the diverse ways it’s presented in this exhibition.

The Power of Poison is on display through Sept. 3 at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, 1101 Biscayne Blvd., Miami 305.434.9600

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