Greek gem hidden in the nooks of Downtown Miami

Blue and white are almost always the colors associated with a Greek restaurant, as an homage to the landscape of white buildings that dot the Greek seaside. However, at Meraki Greek Bistro, those colors are elevated to a whole new type of elegance.

Discovering this inviting restaurant in Downtown Miami is half the fun, given that it’s a bit hidden and once you arrive, the delicately strung lights that adorn the outdoor courtyard indicate you’ve arrived.

It’s obvious that the owners designed the interior with one thing in mind, transporting you to the seaside in Greece. The lamps, bench seating, table lanterns and predominantly white theme accomplish that.

Chef Giannis Kotsos preparing traditional mousaka in the open kitchen at Meraki Greek Bistro.

The food is just as transformative, given that it’s a menu developed with a passion for his homeland by Executive Chef Giannis Kotsos, who specializes in Hellenic cuisine.

Just look at these highlights from their extensive menu:

Greek nachos

Greek Nachos made with crispy pita bread topped with refreshing cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, salty Greek olives, dill and feta topped with simple lemon and extra virgin olive oil.

Meraki cheese platter

A Meraki cheese platter, consisting of an assortment of cheeses including feta, vlahotyri and goat cheese with tyrokafteri, a spicy feta spread for dipping your pita bread. It’s all garnished with olives and roasted red peppers which give a nice pop of color.

Goat cheese and beet salad

Goat cheese and beet salad is a deep, rich, colorful dish with dark green spinach serving as a bed for robust walnuts, tangy goat cheese and earthy fresh boiled red beets all dressed in a balsamic vinaigrette.

Veggie kabobs with fries

The ultimate in simplicity but packed with flavor, the veggie kabob sampler platter includes fresh grilled zucchini, squash and tomatoes  kabob style, served with homemade meraki sauces and fresh cut Greek fries.

Aegean chicken with oven roasted potatoes

By far the richest dish, but still light in flavor, the Aegean chicken is a bacon-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with spinach and feta,  topped with a chicken gravy mix and served with oven lemon potatoes.


Finally, the traditional Mousaka by Chef Kotsos with layers of smoked grilled eggplant, zucchini, potatoes and ground beef in a creamy but light bechamel sauce, topped with a layer of parmesan cheese and oven baked. The crispy topping adds a final crunchy note to what is considered “Greek lasagna.”

Do yourself a favor, make your way to Downtown Miami and give Meraki Greek Bistro a try.

142 SE 1 Ave., Miami, FL


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