Graziano’s still one of Gables’ best eateries

They’re not just in the Gables though, they actually have four restaurants in Miami because the Argentinian fare at Graziano’s is just that good. So they’re also serving it up on Brickell, in Hialeah and on Bird Road. This family-run business takes the preparation and presentation of their food seriously, probably a secret to their longevity in Miami’s very competitive restaurant industry.

At a recent media dinner, Graziano’s Group’s Managing Director Leo Graziano, started the evening off with a refreshing cocktail. What followed was a trip through the best of the Graziano’s menu.

Panzanella salad

Grilled prawns

Presented first was a colorful panzanella salad with ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced red onions, black olives and grilled bread in a light dressing. Dipping bread into house made chimichurri as well as a canellini dip was another welcome appetizer followed by huge succulent grilled prawns elegantly presented on a wooden board with cherry tomatoes, fennel and sitting atop a house made aioli.

Sizzling steak on the grill.

After all this delectable fare, mostly on the lighter side, we were treated to…the meat after all, what’s a meal at an Argentinian restaurant without meat. Two cuts of meat were brought out on a grill sizzling hot and sliced tableside. The cuts were so tender and perfectly prepared it was difficult not to keep eating it, and the portions were very substantial. All their meats, and there are nearly a dozen on the menu, are certified Angus beef, only the best.

Polenta square topped with tomato sauce and a bowl of brussels sprouts with pancetta.

The giant square of grilled polenta topped with a light tomato sauce and parmesan gratin along with a bowl of grilled brussels sprouts and pancetta were ideal accompaniments for the steak.

Dulce de leche tops Panna Cotta.

Traditional panna cotta as well as the unique dulce de leche panna cotta, where they use their own house made dulce de leche from their market, were the perfect finish.

Visit their website to find locations for both their restaurants and markets and get bowled over by their carefully crafted menu.

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