Grabbin’ some grub’s as easy as going street level

Sort of reminds me of the hit show “Friends,” when they would all congregate at Central Perk at the bottom of Monica’s building. Looks like that trend of restaurant or coffee house ground level below a building, which has been a mainstay in New York for years has moved south and become prevalent in Miami. Particularly in the Brickell Avenue and Downtown Miami areas as well as the Design District.

The Vue Condominium at 1250 S. Miami Avenue is the perfect example with several restaurants and more are on the way. There’s Piola, Le KabobZen Sushi Lounge and Kukaramakara. Vue resident Beatriz Carrazana loves the convenience.

Miami Brickell Neo Vertika Condominium

Miami Brickell Neo Vertika Condominium

“I love it. Last week I had dinner plans with a friend and it was pouring rain. I had four restaurants to choose from downstairs without getting wet,” she said. “Unique is the convenience. Can’t get better than that. I barely drive anymore. Everything is within walking distance.”

At 500 Brickell, located at 55 SE 6 Street, they’ve got three restaurants — Brickell Bridge Bistro, Bom Fromage and Pizza Rustica. All casual eateries,Pizza Rustica is a very popular chain in Miami and stays open late, the perfect solution for the late night munchies after a night of partying. They’re all great spots for lunch or dinner.

Vivian Medina, property manager for 500 Brickell says “the residents are happy that we have three different restaurants to choose from, its convenient and they can have it delivered to their door. Great food, breakfast, lunch or dinner at your service.”

Waxy O'Connor's

Waxy O'Connor's

Over at Latitude on the River there’sGraziano’s Restaurant at 177 SW 7th Street and although the restaurant itself is not on the river, it is at the bottom of the building and a great place to stop in for some yummy Argentinian food. Of course, it’s all about that traditional churrasco steak prepared on the grill and the delectable dulce de leche crepes for dessert.

Just a few blocks down are Waxy O’Connor’s, house on the ground level of Neo-Vertika Condominium at 690 SW 1 Court and just a few steps away and also on the river is Finnegan’s on the River. Both have an Irish slant obviously and also share riverfront seating making for a marvelous view. Waxy’s has great Irish fare and both are great drinking spots for happy hour with huge beer selections and tasty cocktails.

Across from the American Airlines Arena, where Miami Heat basketball action takes place and major musical acts perform are several high rise condominiums with plenty of eateries underneath as well. Miss Yip Chinese Cafe at 900 Biscayne Boulevard serves up dim sum, those delectable Chinese dumplings as well as a variety of other Asian favorites like curry and Szechuan. They deliver too so residents can dial up and get their fix brought to their door.

Further north on Biscayne Blvd. on 20th Street there’s The Daily Creative Food Co., a favorite with folks from the nearby Miami Herald and an homage to journalists with a variety of sandwiches  like The Wall Street Journal Smoked Salmon, The Miami Herald Chicken or The Village Voice Tuna Salad. And next door is Salad Creations with fresh well…salads. Five blocks north at 25th street there’s the Miami favorite Mario the Baker where the pizza is a city classic and the baked pastas are a signature favorite too.

Miami Design District The Cheese Course

Miami Design District The Cheese Course

Then there’s the Design District, setting the standard for cool, hip, urban living. Residents at 2 Midtown Midrise at 3451 NE 1st Ave., have plenty to choose from no matter what they’re craving.
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Gourmet cheeses, wines, sandwiches, quiches and the like are the rage at The Cheese Course. The menu board is filled with endless combinations of cheese boards served with crusty bread and a variety of sides including pesto and fig marmalade. This is a great place to buy too and their monthly wine tastings are a fun way to savor great pairings of wine and cheese.
Next door is Brooklyn Bagels, a great breakfast spot, Angelina’s Coffee and Yogurt and Primo Pizza. This line-up, with the selection of foods and the neon signs, completely mimic a typical New York trio of eateries.

So there’s a sampling of places to consider if you’re in the market for a condominium that offers more than the traditional amenities.

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