Grab a window seat at ADDiKT because the view’s as beautiful as the food

Taking a seat next to the window at the W Miami, looking out on endless bay views and awaiting what would be a delectable Miami Spice meal curated by Executive Chef Christian Quiñones of ADDiKT was more than enough to create a memorable weekday dining experience.

The chef from Puerto Rico is melding flavors from Asia, South America and Europe into innovative dishes that burst with flavor, color and texture.

At a Miami Spice preview I was fortunate enough to try the entire three-course dinner menu thanks to the other two lovely ladies I dined with that evening. We strategically ordered…one of everything.

Octopus aficionado

Appetizers consisted of Octopus Aficionado with rocoto pepper (there’s that South American influence), watercress puree and warm marble potato salad. Tender octopus, zippy watercress and creamy potatoes, a winning combo.

Bang bang tuna tartare

The Bang Bang Tuna Tartare with sweet and sour bang bang sauce, serrano, avocado, shiso, truffle ponzu accompanied by a light, airy and ultra crispy rice crackling was a beauty. Totally original presentation and pops of unexpected flavors. Genius.

Hooked on carrots

And I was hooked on the flavorful Hooked on Carrots after one bite. Grilled heirloom carrot, carrot-harissa, French lentil salad and creamy, cool Greek yogurt, aaaahhhh.
The entrees could almost be described as surf and turf with a touch of vegan. Check out the names on these dishes:

Smuggling salmon

Smuggling Salmon with French lentils, orange segments, browned hazelnuts, salsa verde, yogurt raita. Unexpected combination of ingredients that work so well together and salmon, well it’s my favorite.

Purple Haze

But I wasn’t complaining when I took a few bites of the Purple Haze filet mignon, creamy mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, baby carrots, peas and truffle beet puree. Filet mignon is my other favorite and the rest are perfectly prepared classics with a side of whimsy and color in the beet puree that adorned the bottom of the plate and was that hint of purple.

Vegan fix

Quiñones is a master with vegetables and can convert anyone, proven once again with the Vegan Fix of charred cauliflower, buckwheat and lentil salad, watercress puree, bok choy and beets.
Talk about having to save room for dessert but with Vanilla Panna Cotta with cornbread, blackberry gel (very cool and there’s that texture again), corn on the cob ice cream (yes, it’s a thing and it’s good) and wait for it… popcorn, it was vital.
Oh and cocktails are very nice too!
ADDiKT might be an unusual name, particularly with that spelling but Quiñones is quietly sending a message, you’re going to be addicted to this menu.
ADDiKT at W Miami Hotel, 495 Brickell Ave., (305) 503-4400

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