Duffy’s Sports Grill unveiled an elegant Spring menu

Remove the burgers, chicken wings and nachos from your mind. Yes, those are what come to mind when you say Duffy’s Sports Grill but they’re elevating their food game. That was evident at a recent Spring menu unveiling.

Effen cucumber martini

Executive Corporate Chef Eric Parker has put together an elegant selection with light, refreshing options, from the appetizers to the entrees and definitely the drinks.

Pimento dip

While enjoying a refreshing draft beer at the outdoor bar it was nice to nibble on their pimento cheese dip, which they were serving up in honor of The Masters golf tournament.

Burrata salad

It was so nice to see Chef Parker’s creativity when it came to the burrata salad. The burrata was creamy, the vine-ripe tomatoes juicy and the balsamic and fig dressing was a nice surprise. Fig with balsamic? It worked, and worked very well.

Tuna poke stack

Also unique was the tuna poke stack which included homemade pineapple salsa as one of the layers, a dusting of nori and a sriracha smear for a little kick. The final layer of course was creamy, refreshing mashed avocados.

Tequila lime shrimp tacos

Herradura tequila

A little Herradura tequila taste

The shrimp tacos were the traditional type but also included another unique ingredient, Herradura tequila to grill the tacos. They researched and chose this tequila after visiting Herradura’s plantation in Mexico.

Orange ginger mahi

Including just the right amount of spice, the orange ginger mahi was a generous piece of lean mahi topped with an orange ginger glaze and their pineapple salsa, served over stir fried Soba noodles with broccoli, red bell peppers and onion.

Red velvet mini donuts

Key lime pie

Desserts were both traditional, a cool and creamy key lime pie, and bite sized fun with red velvet mini donuts served with warm cream cheese icing for dipping. Those donuts were absolute perfection.

Single barrel select Jack Daniel’s

And because we got on the subject of bourbon and I mentioned I love Jack Daniel’s, they surprised me and brought out the premium JD, Single Barrel Select, a significantly smoother version than the regular JD from the square bottle. Having a nice glass of this JD neat was a great addition to a wonderful meal.

Duffy’s Sports Grill, 3969 NE 163 St., North Miami Beach, 305.760-2124, duffysmvp.com/


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