DIY Interchangeable Furniture A New Look in a Snap, Eco-Friendly Modular Pieces

Never get in a furniture rut again with PlayWood, a creative way to interchange office furnishings created by designer Stefano Guerrieri. He made the pieces so easy to assemble any novice can put them together. All that’s required is an Allen wrench.

That’s right, no screwdrivers, hammers just keep the toolbox in the garage for assembling these pieces. Outfit your entire office with what is billed as a reconfigurable modular furniture system that uses 3D print connectors and boards to make the office furniture.

The pieces come together using three connector modules or giant Lego bricks, that attach to the boards at three different angles, a 90-degree square module and two hexagonal modules at 105 and 150 degrees.

With the boards and the connectors there are endless possibilities to the pieces that can be built. The connectors are available in army, light green, blue and red.

Build a modular desk, side table, chair, cube planter, roller sofa or a book case. The beauty though is that each of the pieces can be easily reconfigured into another piece with simple modifications.

The hexagonal modules are ideal for a variety of book case models. The bee book case resembles a bee hive while the sideway book case is a more traditional model.

Downloadable instructions on how to create the aforementioned pieces are available on the website. However, customers are encouraged to use their creativity and create their own designs.

What isn’t traditional are the prices, which are affordable and the assembly which couldn’t be simpler. The kits include:

Six-pack Square Kit with an instruction poster and six 90 degree connectors

Six-pack Hexagonal Kit with two 150 degree connectors and four 105 degree connectors

The 90, 105 and 150 degree connectors are also sold individually. The 90s are used to create square-based while the other two are for hexagonal-based pieces.

All the pieces are made of eco-friendly recyclable materials, a goal of the designer who insists on eco-conscious designs. The wood pieces come in 1.5 to 2.0 centimeters of thickness and can be used as is or easily cut with a CNC machine.

Their aim, according to their website, is to ensure practicality and sustainability while allowing customers the freedom of creativity.

Aside from office furniture, the pieces are also ideal for creating furniture for co-working spaces, creative studio, pop-up stores and art displays. The Lego-like connector pieces allow everyone to endlessly create new furniture pieces, much like the real plastic Legos.

Guerrieri’s idea was to make it simple too for business owners to have the ability to create larger pieces should their business grow. Mainly for the furniture to evolve and grow right alongside the business.

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