La Lupita’s An Example Of Great Mexican…Ole!

There are no wide hats, terracotta colors or any other brightly colored décor that we’ve come to expect when entering a Mexican restaurant at La Lupita. If anything the interior of this spot is the antithesis of that with simple white décor and only paper placemats on tables and walls covered with large scale color photographs of scenes from the country to remind… Continue reading

So Much Better Than The Drive Thru, Quicker Than A Leisurely Lunch

Sometimes sitting down to a full restaurant lunch just isn’t an option but zipping through the drive thru, well, it isn’t great either. That’s when I love to pop in to a casual bakery or good semi-gourmet eatery where they’ve always got savory as well as sweet goods. Living in Miami these types of places are everywhere and there are more than just… Continue reading

Miami’s A Mecca For Waterfront Dining

Living in Miami my entire life, (yes, I’m a native which always baffles people when they ask me because there aren’t many of us), it’s never been difficult to find a waterfront restaurant, be it casual or elegant. Honestly, the casual ones are much cooler and offer pretty much the same view.

One of my all-time faves is Scotty’s Landing in Coconut… Continue reading

Tapas aren’t just in Spanish restaurants anymore

My Spanish grandparents, who passed on the love of tapas style food to my Dad, have no idea what an influence they would eventually have on my affinity for the Spanish style small bites. And what’s great is that now the tapas style of eating has crossed over into other types of cuisine. Actually, Chinese dim sum is very similar to tapas, small… Continue reading

Elite quintet of chefs elevate cruise line cuisine

Recently I had the honor of attending an elegant luncheon on Holland America Line’s ms Noordam to introduce five nationally and world-renowned chefs who were hand-picked to implement the cruise line’s newly unveiled Culinary Council, spearheaded by Noordam’s Master Chef and Culinary Council Chairman Rudi Sodamin.

Chef Jonnie BoerFollowing an extensive ship tour and champagne reception we were escorted to the… Continue reading

Comfort faves for the cooler months

Miami may seem like the type of place where nouvelle cuisine is all the rage, and restaurants serving stick-to-your-ribs comfort food are hard to find, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are American diners, Latin American restaurants, and Irish Pubs where stew, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, pot pie and more are the stars of the menu.

When I think… Continue reading

Tour Miami to discover great newbies and old standbys

As a foodie, I’ve tried plenty of great restaurants around Miami, and many of them happen to be on the iDine list (after all, the list is pretty extensive with 300+ restaurants in Miami alone). So I decided, why not take a culinary journey through some of my faves around town that offer a little something–and something back to the diner as well… Continue reading

Brunchin’ around the Magic City is a mid-morning adventure

It’s the weekend and sleeping in is a given. Problem is that depending on the time, sometimes it’s tough to decide whether to wake up and have breakfast or lunch. That dilemma is easily solved with that tastiest of inventions that covers both–Sunday brunch.

Luckily, Miami’s a place where there are great places for brunch in just about any part of town and… Continue reading

Fantastic Latin American cuisine abounds in Miami, but what to get where?

Long known as a gateway to Latin America, Miami over the years has evolved as a place where food from all over Central and South America can be had just about anywhere in town. It wasn’t always this way. From the early 1960s into 80s, Cuban cuisine dominated the landscape. There were other Hispanic countries represented but not many.

Flash forward to… Continue reading

Young chef Adrianne Calvo’s wowing them down South

It’s not about notoriety for her. After all, 24-year-old Chef Adrianne Calvo opened up her Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar in the middle of a quiet Southwest Miami-Dade neighborhood. Her friends and confidantes advised her against it they said she was crazy to open up in a strip shopping mall in such a remote location. But Calvo likes… Continue reading