Caja Caliente expands Cuban taco reach to Gables, Yay!

The Caja Caliente food truck, tucked inside an open air corner location on NE 2nd Ave. and 26 St. always calls my name when I drive by. I usually answer the call by making a stop and delving into some delicious tacos. They’re Cuban tacos, c’mon nothing about them this Cuban-American Miami native doesn’t like.

Now as much as I love the vibe at their original location, imagine my excitement when I found out they’d expanded to Coral Gables and are now serving brunch there. Finding their new spot can be a tad difficult because their neon sign can be hard to see but keep looking, you’ll see it.

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As we walked in (my brother and I) to enjoy what surely was to be an amazing meal, I was immediately taken by the charming interior. Adorable decor and incredibly friendly staff, all due of course to owner (and also a Miami native), Monica “Mika” Leon. She was an amazing host, keeping the brunch debut running like a well-oiled machine. Such a sweetheart! I loved sharing that I’d spotted her on the show “Seaside Snacks & Shacks” on Cooking Channel.

I encourage you to read all about her beautiful family history and how she came to own Caja Caliente on the website because in this post, I wanted to focus on the amazing food they’re serving. I’m going to let the photos do the talking and just provide minimal descriptions. Trust me, you’ll see the deliciousness through the love and care they put into preparing this food.

Vaca frita eggs benedict
Love that it’s described as “Cuban polenta,” that’s how I always describe it and…the fried egg on top…perfection
Mediterranean-inspired with a Cuban twist, saucy, crunchy from the little yuca frita bites and again, that fried egg.
Gotta have a taco but this one’s all about breakfast.
This one took me back to my childhood but of course, here it’s sweet and has guava and condensed milk. Over the top…in a good way.
And it’s not brunch without a mimosa

So…are you in your car yet?

Caja Caliente, 808 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables 786.431.1947

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