Booze it up at No. 3 Social’s Dim Sum Sunday Brunch

No. 3 Social is this cool rooftop spot in the Wynwood Arcade complex and now you can go there and booze it up on a Sunday while enjoying dim sum bites during their Sunday brunch.

I went there recently with my best friend and we enjoyed our “very Miami” experience, lounging comfortably on patio seating sipping on cocktails and nibbling on dim sum bites.

Although the music was a bit loud for a Sunday, they did comply and lower the volume a bit. The atmosphere here is just what you want for a Sunday brunch. Ascending the stairs to reach the rooftop, you arrive at a lovely covered open-air patio. We preferred this to the indoor seating to enjoy the view in all its glory.

Here’s what we had:

To start, a nice glass of rosé for me and the Perfect Pear cocktail for my friend. Recommend those for sure, or really any of the others as they all sound wonderful. And as you can tell by the menu included in the photo, the prices are ridiculously reasonable for Miami standards.

Next came a variety of nice dim sum choices including the shrimp sliders which had a nice little kick from the horseradish mayo and a nice crunch from the salt & vinegar potato chips. The soft brioche bun it was served on was heaven, pure heaven and the perfect bread to serve it on. The charred shishito peppers with dashi mayo lime sauce for dipping were out of this world. My friend especially enjoyed them since she’d never had those types of peppers before. She had no idea what she’d been missing I know for certain she’s now a fan thanks to these. And what’s a dim sum brunch without steam buns. The char siu pork belly ones topped with rice wine dressed cucumbers were melt-in-your-mouth tender and the pillowy steamed buns…please…just go have these.

The boozy dim sum brunch is a fun way to spend Sunday morfternoon (see what I did there?) Do yourself a favor, go check it out. The sooner, the better.

No. 3 Social, 50 NW 24 St., Miami, (305) 395-5811

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